Former ‘Bachelor’ & Ex Spotted Together, Are They Reuniting Romantically?

Man and woman overlookong city


A couple snuggles while looking out over a city.

A surprising pair of “Bachelor Nation” exes have been spotted together in recent days, and the situation is generating a flurry of buzz. “The Bachelor” Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan already gave romance a shot, or two, and now people wonder if they are trying out a relationship once again.

Flanagan was one of Weber’s bachelorettes when his season aired in early 2020. They had actually met shortly before filming started when he attended a class reunion at the same hotel where she attended a wedding. Sparks flew between Flanagan and Weber during “The Bachelor,” but he cut her loose just before hometowns. After his engagement to final rose recipient Hannah Ann Sluss ended, and his redo with Madison Prewett fizzled, Weber and Flanagan reconnected. They dated for about 10 months before a rather ugly split occurred. Have they decided they just cannot stay apart?

Here’s what you need to know:

Weber & Flanagan Seen Together a Couple of Times Recently

After Weber and Flanagan suddenly split in January 2020, some jabs were thrown between them. Neither has seemingly been in a serious relationship since then and now, suddenly, they seem to be hanging out together again. The Instagram Page Bachelor Nation Scoop shared a video captured by a show fan whose cousin had spotted “The Bachelor” exes together at an airport. Weber was in his pilot’s uniform, and Flanagan was walking through the airport with him.

On August 10, Flanagan and Weber were seen t