First Preview of DC's Green Lantern: EARTH ONE Sequel

DC Comics’ Green Lantern is getting a new graphic novel, a long-awaited sequel to 2018’s Green Lantern: Earth One. Set in the same reimagined universe, Green Lantern: Earth One: Volume Two explores how Earth has changed in the wake of Green Lantern’s origin. The story also brings in iconic Lantern hero John Stewart powerful new threat that Green Lantern readers will recognize: the fearsome Yellow Lantern Corps. DC announced the title a few months ago, but now the book is getting an official release date and preview pages that you can check out below.

Green Lantern: Earth One: Volume Two comes from the same creative team as the first book. Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman previously collaborated on Hugo-nominated Image Comics series Invisible Republic, genre experience that the two creators brought to the first Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel. The story reimagines Hal Jordan as a bitter asteroid miner whose dreams of heroism land him in the middle of an ancient universe-spanning conflict. In the style of the other Earth One books, GL: Earth One creates a grounded, entirely self-contained setting outside of DC continuity. The universe of Bechko and Hardman’s Green Lantern is reminiscent of modern “hard” sci-fi blockbusters such as Interstellar and Gravity.

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The previous book left off with Hal Jordan coming to Earth as a Green Lantern, charging himself as its protector to atone for past mistakes. Meanwhile, the creator of the Green Lantern rings set forth to correct his own errors in a much more aggressive way: with an upgraded version of the Green Lanterns that wield yellow energy. Things were looking up for the universe, but its greatest challenge yet was still on the horizon.

According to DC’s announcement, that challenge is here: the Yellow Lanterns are invading the galaxy from an alternate dimension. While they claim to be peace officers, Hal has difficulty trusting them, especially after the revelations of the first volume. The threat hits home when an Earthman named John Stewart gets a yellow ring. But Stewart believes the ring can be used for good, and he and Jordan must learn to work together to stand against their true enemy: the last Guardian, controlling the battle from outside the universe. Here’s the first look at pages from the new volume:

Fans of Green Lantern‘s main continuity storylines likely know the Yellow Lantern Corps well. Also once known as the Sinestro Corps, the Yellow Lanterns are powered by fear, rather than willpower, as the Green Lantern rings are. This means causing fear, resulting in the Yellow Lanterns being some of the most horrifying tyrants in the universe. It has yet to be seen whether the Yellow Lantern Corps will take on the same spooky aesthetic. Given that the original volume completely evaded the “emotional spectrum” and “powered by will” aspects of the Lantern rings, it’s likely that this iteration of the Yellow Lanterns will be a more straightforward militarized police force, carrying out the Guardians’ dream of bringing order and control to the galaxy with weapons that they could control. If it’s anything like the first volume, the result will be an interstellar adventure that engages with difficult questions about the future of space travel, the ethics of authority, and what it means to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Green Lantern: Earth One: Volume Two will be available on July 28th, 2020.

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