Fans Weigh In On The ‘Survivor 42’ Final 6

Survivor 42 final 7


The final 7 castaways of “Survivor 42.”

With two episodes remaining of “Survivor 42,” fans are geared up for the three-hour season finale on May 25. Until then, however, six players remain in the game, and fans are eager to give their take on each remaining contestant and their chances.

Here’s what you need to know heading into the penultimate episode of the season, which airs Wednesday:

Three Clear Frontrunners Are Emerging

Omar Zaheer Maryanne Oketch and Lindsay Dolashewich

CBSTaku members Omar Zaheer, Maryanne Oketch, and Lindsay Dolashewich in episode 6 of “Survivor 42.”

Many fans may have noticed that the Taku 4 – Omar Zaheer, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Jonathan Young – have made it to the final 6 completely intact as Ika and Vati got decimated since the merge, while almost none of the other contestants seemed to have even noticed. This may speak to the strategic prowess of the four contestants, as three of them have emerged as major contenders for the win.

In a recent audience poll taken by GoldDerby shortly before episode 11, Omar blew all the others out, with 43% of respondents believing he has the best chance of winning, followed by Maryanne with 25%. He also won this week’s Player of the Week, a fan poll conducted by Martin Holmes’s Inside Survivor, with 45% of the vote.

This is no surprise. Omar has been praised by fans for a number of big moves he has made throughout the season, not least among them saving his allies Maryanne and Jonathan from certain elimination at the merge by successfully turning the vote on 22-year-old Lydia Meredith, without even being able to cast a vote himself.

Some fans have even gone so far as to call him a “Godfather,” a title usually bestowed upon only brawny, east coast strongmen such as Rob Mariano or Domenick Abbate, due to his mastery at controlling the gameplay. So far, he has been on the right side of the votes all but once, and almost every time he had been the one leading the charge against the person who would eventually be eliminated.

Lindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch

CBSLindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch in “Survivor 42.”

Despite her very low-key edit for the majority of the season, Lindsay Dolashewich seems to have emerged as a bit of a power player in her own right. She unsurprisingly came in second in the Player of the Week poll, with 41%. The previous week, in which Lindsay and Omar orchestrated the blindside of Hai Giang, she also came in second (once again behind Omar), with 25%. In addition, Lindsay has been mentioned by a number of jurors as being their favorite to win, meaning that she is certain to secure at least a few votes if she makes it to the end.

Despite the edit in recent episodes appearing to show Maryanne and Romeo Escobar being on the outs, this is likely only a façade, given the very tight bonds Maryanne has developed with her former Taku members, most notably Omar and Lindsay. In addition, despite her bubbly personality, Maryanne has been shown to have a more cunning, strategic side as well. She clearly hides it well, which will no doubt play to her benefit.

In addition, Maryanne and Lindsay are the only female contestants left in a season which hasn’t seen a male winner in seven seasons (given how the “42” contestants are unaware of Erika Casupanan‘s win), which may give them an advantage come Final Tribal Council. Furthermore, in a season in which racial and cultural considerations has played a relatively large role, both Maryanne and Lindsay’s performance in their dynamic episode 9 Tribal Council may act in their favor among a jury who seem to hold such factors in high regard.

Mike Turner Has Gotten the Biggest Edit

57-year-old Mike Turner, despite being outed last week by Drea as “probably” winning if he made it to the end, has not been so much on the audience’s radar. However, he has been receiving the biggest edit so far, by far – as well as arguably among the best – having received 43 confessionals compared to second-place Omar’s 36. Though confessional count and overall edit is not necessarily indicative of a win (see Erika last season), it certainly can be (see Tony Vlachos the season before, among many others).

Jonathan, despite his prowess in challenges and popularity among fans, especially early on, seems to have fallen out of favor, and is no longer considered a major contender to win among most fans or analysts. The same seems to be true for Romeo, who is widely viewed by fans and fellow contestants alike as lazy and a poor strategist.

Will a Taku really take it home in the end? “Survivor” may be known for subverting expectations, but right now it seems as though that is a safe bet for “Survivor 42.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour season 42 finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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