Fans Think Amelia Hamlin Looks ‘Scary’ in New Post

Amelia Hamlin

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Fans aren’t loving Amelia Hamlin’s latest look.

Lisa Rinna‘s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin is receiving some feedback on one of her recent Instagram posts.

In May 2022, the 21-year-old model showed off her newly bleached eyebrows, jumping into the newly resurrected 2000s trend feet, er, face first. “Never let em know your next move,” she captioned an Instagram post in which she dyed her hair blond to match. She shared a few pictures of her new look with fans.

While some may have thought that Hamlin bleached her eyebrows for a particular event, she has kept them light for about a month and seems to be embracing the look. In fact, she has since dyed her hair back to brown but her eyebrows are still bleached.

According to People magazine, this isn’t the first time that Hamlin bleached her eyebrows. She walked in the Richard Quinn Spring/Summer 2022 show with blond brows and, in April 2022, closed the Alexander Wang “Fortune City” show sporting the trend.

On June 19, 2022, Hamlin shared a new post on Instagram — and several people think that she looks “scary.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Hamlin & Julia Fox Were Twinning in a New Pic

In an Instagram share, Hamlin and model Julia Fox stood side-by-side, both licking lollipops — and both had bleached their eyebrows. A scroll to the right will have you watching a video of Hamlin in the back of a limo, adjusting her bra top as she dances on all fours.

She shared a few more photos from the evening, including a couple more with Fox. Fans took to the comments section to react to the post, many saying that Hamlin looks “scary.”

“TBH the no eyebrow look isn’t cute it’s just scary,” one comment read.

“I’m worried for you,” someone else wrote, adding a sad face emoji.

“Cringe,” a third person added.

“The eyebrows are not it. Looks like a horror movie,” read a fourth comment.

“Scary af looking,” another Instagram user said.

“I’m creeped out,” added another.

Other adjectives used to describe Hamlin’s look included “disturbing” and “terrifying.”

Some Fans Tagged Rinna & Her Husband in Hamlin’s Post

Although Hamlin is a high fashion model who often experiments with different looks for various runway shows that she walks in, a lot of people aren’t loving the fact that she’s hanging on to the bleached eyebrows.

Some people even tagged Hamlin’s parents in the post, as if to let them know that their daughter is doing something wrong.

“What a special little gift for @harryrhamlin on this #fathersday He must be so proud,” someone wrote, pointing out that Hamlin shared the post on Father’s Day.

“Gross. Are you so proud @lisarinna. Definitely looks like she is on her way to growing up into a real gem…maybe a career in porn,” another Instagram user added.

“@lisarinna I think if you really love both of your daughters , you should get them both serious professional help . Both of them need to stay in a SCIENCE based rehabilitation facility for a few good months,” a third person suggested.

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