Fans Praise Farrah Abraham for Video of Sophia

Farrah Abraham


“Teen Mom” alum Farrah Abraham hasn’t publicly dated anyone since Simon Saran.

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham was applauded by fans after a video of her daughter Sophia surfaced.

It’s not often that the “Teen Mom” star is praised for her parenting but a recent video of her daughter Sophis drew some nice remarks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Love Sophia’s ‘Goth’ Look and Applaud Farrah Abraham for ‘the Freedom to Express Herself’

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the video of Sophia holding a snake with a big smile on her face.

“Sophia is a cool kid! So glad she gets the freedom to express herself,” a fan commented.

“She’s an adorable little goth,” someone wrote. “I appreciate that Farrah allows her to dress how she wants, I feel like a few of the moms probably wouldn’t allow a goth phase.”

“Best style!” a fan said. “At the very least, Farrah lets her be herself so that’s cool.”

“Sophia outshines her mom x10000000-Sophia seems like a cool grounded and intelligent kid,” someone wrote.

“As a former kid who dressed alternative, I love this. I think it’s awesome that Farrah lets Sophia express herself,” a fan commented.

Several fans commented about how cool Sophia is.

“I love how different she is from Farrah. THANK GOD lol,” someone joked.

“She looks so lovely with that natural smile, not forced by her mom. Such a cute lil’ snake too!” another fan said.

“I hope she stays being a cute little emo scene queen,” a fan wrote.

“I am living for Sophia’s goth phase,” someone said. “I really hope she is still doing age appropriate things with friends her own age, but expressing herself through style is great.”

“I’m also a snake girl. Sophia is cool,” a fan wrote.

“I love Sophia,” another fan commented.

“Sophia is cool AF. Express yourself,