Fan Says They Found Married ‘Teen Mom’ Star on Tinder

Nathan Griffith Ryan Edwards

MTV/Nathan Griffith/Chelsea Houska

The fans took a screen recording of the Tinder profile that seemingly belonged to the “Teen Mom” star.

“Teen Mom” star Nathan Griffith might be on Tinder after a fan said they came across his profile on the dating app. Griffith married his wife, May Oyola on April 30, but revealed he and his wife were having problems on August 7.

The Reddit user who came across the Tinder account thought it was real.

“Nathan came up on my [Tinder] feed again,” an original poster wrote, sharing a video of Griffith playing basketball. “I swiped a hard left. Not somebody I’m interested in. For anybody asking questions and this new sub feed I know no answers he just came up on my feed which meant he was in my generalized area. That’s all I can say.”

The bio for the Tinder account said they were looking for someone to go on adventures with.

“Tust me, I suck at pictures and look a lot better in person. Looking for good conversation and an adventure buddy. Love going to the gym and I love food but I am very strict on myself,” the bio says. “That doesn’t mean I don’t eat a lot because I’m that guy who will order 2-3 entrees when we’re out to eat.”

The person behind the account says they don’t like political correctness.

“I don’t like excuses, labels, or being politically correct,” the bio reads. “‘SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP.’ We all have our problems. Love competition, all sports and anything that could be fun/[exciting].”

The account said they were a non-smoker who likes dogs and