Exclusive: Bloodshot #7 'BURNED' Preview With Tim Seeley


Bloodshot is about to start its next comic arc and ahead of the upcoming release, Screen Rant has a tease of what’s to come next for the Valiant Comics super-soldier.


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With the film upcoming, there’s not a better time to jump into the comics and learn more about the character. In the upcoming BURNED arc, Bloodshot finds himself facing off against new villains as his world comes crashing down around him. We talked with writer Tim Seeley, who said the new arc is going to be very high stakes for the character.

Why is BLOODSHOT #7 a great jumping-on point for new readers? 

TIM: We’re doing short, very concentrated arcs in Blodshot…maximum if 3 issues, Issue 7 begins BURNED, which sees Bloodshot gain some new villains, and blows up his world, quite literally. We’re doing the kind of intense action comics readers say they want.

Why is BLOODSHOT #7 a must-read issue for fans that have been following the series? 

TIM: This is the culmination of the series so far. High stakes and lots on the line for our guy!

Why is Marc Laming a great fit for this new story arc? 

TIM: Marc does grimy, gritty stuff so well, and there’s a lot of time spent in the dark underworld in this arc!

This arc sees a REALLY COOL guest star. Stick around for issue 8 for sure!

Seeley and artist Marc Laming will steer Bloodshot’s next arc. Valiant Comics provided Screen Rant with exclusive images of the upcoming arc, which seems to be an unsurprisingly bloody affair for the hero.

For those who want to learn more about the character, Seeley’s run on Bloodshot is a great place to get started. The first two arcs were three issues apiece, as Seeley explained above that he wanted the stories to be concentrated. The character seems to be in great hands as the preview looks just the right amount of action, packed into what’s sure to be an exhilarating story.

Here’s Tyler Kirkham’s cover and solicit for Bloodshot #7.

  • Bloodshot #7
  • Written by Tim Seeley
  • Art by Marc Laming
  • Cover art by Tyler Kirkham
  • You’ve seen Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot in the big screen… now leap into the thrilling comics with “THE LONG SHOT” PART ONE!Bloodshot’s globe-hopping adventures explode into this new story as he faces his biggest foes yet!
  • In physical and online comic shops March 11, 2020.

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