Ex-HC Urges Jets Fans to Recruit Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Rex Ryan


Former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan in 2017.

Aaron Rodgers is the talk of the town right now in New York Jets land and former head coach Rex Ryan joined the “A-Rod” bandwagon this week.

“Can we get Aaron Rodgers to the Jets?” Ryan asked ESPN Radio’s Rick DiPietro and Dave Rothenberg on January 23. “Forget all this [other] stuff, let’s get Aaron Rodgers to the Jets.”

The always boisterous ex-HC continued, beginning a long rant that petitioned Jets fans everywhere. “I’m working it. The Jet Nation out there, man, we gotta do something to let Aaron Rodgers know that you need to come here,” Ryan urged. “Let’s put something out there, I don’t know what it is — I’m calling on the Jet Nation. Come up with something, man, come up with something and let’s let Aaron Rodgers know how much we want him.”

Rex Ryan Believes Jets Fans Could Sway Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

With all this Rodgers to the Jets chatter in recent weeks, the skeptics within the fanbase are convinced that this will never actually happen — and maybe they’re right. Ryan doesn’t believe that though. He thinks New York fans have more power than they realize.

“I truly believe that the Jet fanbase needs to make it known,” he continued later in the interview with DiPietro and Rothenberg, “and I think that something like that can go a long way, man. But it’s gotta come from them, I’m being dead serious.”

“We gotta come up with something. Find out where he lives, have the damn planes drive over him with — ‘Aaron, we want you in New York’ — anything!” Ryan joked. “Man, I don’t care, wherever he moves we’ve got a little sign going up