Even Reverse-Flash Doesn't Want To Mess With Green Lanterns

Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, is one of the most ruthless and cunning super villains in the DC Universe. The powerful speedster most often uses his speed to travel through time in order to ruin the life of Barry Allen, The Flash. However, that doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to throw down with other DC heroes (like when he broke into Batman’s Batcave). Even so, there is one group that he’s unwilling to go toe-to-toe with: The Green Lantern Corps. Read on to learn more and why Eobard Thawne isn’t interested in messing with them.

The issue where this Reverse-Flash Fact can be found is in the pages of 1983’s The Flash #322 from writer Cary Bates with art from Carmine Infantino. In this issue, Green Lantern Tomar-Re is on the planet Earth, and his ring has been depleted. Unfortunately, this prevents him from fulfilling his mission: to warn The Flash that he’s in grave danger. Thankfully, a family of farmers help Tomar-Re build a space ship from their old tractor and the Lantern is on his way to Central City, the city of the Flash. However, his presence on Earth is noticed by none other than Thawne himself.

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Fearing that Tomar-Re was sent to warn the Flash of his recent escape, Reverse-Flash quickly gets to work, using his super speed to knock out Tomar-Re, and altering his craft to make it space worthy, shooting the Lantern up into space, preventing him from completing his mission of warning the Flash. The Green Lantern is eventually found in the cosmos by a fellow Lantern, with his mission to warn The Flash a failure. However, there’s a reason why the Reverse-Flash knocked Tomar-Re out, rather than doing something more murderous…

Eobard Thawne is incredibly smart. He knows that if he were to kill Tomar-Re, it would only bring down more heat upon Thawne himself in the form of more Green Lanterns. He’d go straight on their wanted list, leading to several Lanterns going after him who would no doubt wish to arrest him and avenge Tomar-Re’s death, if not worse. Due to their rings and the green light of willpower combined with their sheer numbers, the Green Lantern Corps are a force to be reckoned with that give even the Reverse-Flash pause, especially if he wants to succeed in destroying Barry Allen. He has no desire to start an intergalactic battle at the moment, if ever.

Perhaps if Reverse-Flash had allies like he does currently in the pages of The Flash, he and his Legion of Zoom could maybe take on the Corps. But even then, it would still be an extremely challenging fight for Thawne and his allies. The Green Lanterns have been protecting the universe for eons for a reason. While they’ve had their ups and downs, they’re generally a very effective means of providing security to each Lantern’s respective sector in the galaxy. They’re not a group to be taken lightly, and The Flash villain knows it.

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