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Ernie Brown Jr famously known as “Turtleman,” a man we  loved to watch in the Animal Planet reality tv series “Call of the Wildman.” Catching a turtle in the muddy water isn’t an easy thing to do especially having higher chances of being bitten by monster snapping turtles and the other creatures like snakes and crocodiles that call it home. But his courage and ability to catch a turtle with bare hands earned him a title of Turtleman and a reality Tv show on Animal Planet. Read Below as we unveil detail on Ernie Brown Jr lie his age, career, net worth, married life, wife, family, and facts.


Personal Life: Is Earnie Brown Jr married? Know his wife and children.

Brown Jr. was married to Debbie. Together the couple gave birth to two daughters  Courtney Brown and Megan Brown. It is not known how long the couple remained married, but the reason why they separated is quite shocking. Earnie had lost 25 teeth out of 32 involving a series of the accident which we have described below. He not only lost his teeth but also lose his life partner as she didn’t want to stay with a toothless man. Also, the day his left, his home got robbed of all his money and his arrowhead collection.

Ernie Brown Jr The Turtleman and his ex wife Debbie

Ernie Brown Jr “The Turtleman” and his ex-wife Debbie

As the story goes, the devastation led Ernie to spent six months in the wild. Many assumed he died in pond catching a turtle, but he came more determined than ever to follow his dream. Around 2005, he began fulltime job of catching the turtle.

Debbie has the custody of both of the daughters. Despite separating at bitter circumstances, Ernie and Debbie have maintained a good relationship and together care for their children.

Ernie Brown Jr daughters

Ernie Brown Jr daughters Courtney Brown (R) and Megan Brown(L)

Both of the daughters had it rough growing up because of the gruesome car accident. Courtney(eldest) and the Megan were run over by car which kept them in the coma for three months. Also, Courtney suffers from Juvenile (type 1) diabetes since she was six year of age and Megan has paralysis in her face and below neck due to which she can not laugh. Ernie advocates on Juvenile Diabetes and he often participates in fundraising and awareness activities in support of other children facing the similar problem.

As for marital status, currently, it is not known if Ernie is married to someone. However, we know that he found love with another woman after separating with the Debbie. He was dating a girlfriend named Julie who got along with his children too. We have to wait for Ernie to speak if he and his girlfriend has gone ahead with the marriage relationship.

Ernie Brown Jr Wiki/Bio, Age

He was born on March 28, 1965, in Lebanon, Kentucky, United States and his current age is 53. He spent much of his childhood exploring the woods and learning the ways of animals that occupied in Kentucky.

He knew he wanted to do something related to animals and expressed to his teacher at Mackville Elementary. Also, at home, he would talk of his desire of catching some animals and taking them to the zoo to his mother, Lola Brown. When Ernie was 12 years old, he had caught a 50-pound turtle and offered it to the Louisville Zoo since it was too big they refuse to keep it and later turned it loose on a green river.

Ernie Brown Jr youngest daughter Meghan Brown and Mother Lola Bron

Ernie Brown Jr youngest daughter Megan and mother Lola Brown aka Turtle Mom

Ernie learned to catch snapping turtle from his uncle, Phillip and father Ernie Brown Sr at a young age of 7. He took an hour to catch a snapping turtle at his first attempt. From there he has traveled a long road catching and releasing thousands of turtles and other nuisance animals at a safer place.

He turned his childhood hobby into a career and actually he is pretty good at doing this. The technique he used to catch an animal is just neat without causing harm to himself and to the animals that’s why the viewers loved him so much. Although have been bitten several times, we can clearly see he is very happy being involved in this profession. He has over 46 years experience in catching the turtle, during the span he has pulled over 12,000 turtles from the ponds.

TV career

Thanks to the Kentucky Educational Television’s Kentucky Afield series that filmed and showcased his incredible barehanded turtle catching skills to wider people by posting on YouTube. The video went viral and drew the attention of Animal Planet producers and quickly recognized his potential and decided to produce a 12 episode season of the series initially finalized as Turtleman of Wild Kentucky. The title soon changed to Call of the Wildman which references to Brown’s distinctive yell which he does every time after snapping turtle. He believes this action give him the power to catch another one. The biggest turtle he has ever caught weighs almost 125 pounds which he did at the age of 17.

He has achieved a great level of success which he had never dreamed off. Altogether four seasons of Call of the Wildman with 72 episodes aired on Animal Planet from 2011 to 2014. The show was an instant hit gathering almost 780,000 viewers becoming the most popular show of the channel in the fourth quarter of 2011. The episode “Baby Mama Drama” holds a record for shows highest audience of 1.6 million viewers which aired on July 8, 2012.

Despite being “Turtleman”, Brown caught all types of nuisance animals on the show, including raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders, and possums.  For his services, he only asks for an amount sufficient to cover the cost of gasoline to drive to and from his destination. In each episode of Call of the Wildman, Brown was accompanied by his best friend, Neal James, and his dog, Lolly.

The popularity of the Turtleman was so much as after telling his hometown newspaper, the Lebanon Enterprise that he wanted to meet CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, Brown was invited to appear on an episode of Cooper’s. He also appeared on several television programs, including two visits to The Tonight Show.

Social Media Fan Following

Above 234K people like his official Facebook page and more than 19 thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Net Worth

According to, Ernie Brown Jr has a net worth of $150 thousand. He describes himself as a poorest famous guy around. If there was a scale to compare his popularity and net worth then claim might have come true.

Accident and injury

Catching Turtle is a dangerous job even for the great Ernie Brown Jr. He has been receiving end of turtle bites for more than 30 times. Among the most vicious, one of the snapping turtles bit him on the thumb resulting in seven stitches. Another time he was bitten on the pulse in the wrist which he had to get cauterized and kept him out of work for like seven months.

In addition to turtle job, he worked various odd jobs including farm and factory work. He has suffered injuries in three different circumstances two of them during work.

Ernie lost few teeth and needed 189 stitches after a guy swung a chainsaw around and hit me in the face while he was clearing some brush. The second one occurred while driving vehicle. The third one, he was working on the roof of a building in Ohio and something down below him blew up and sent a piece of scrap metal flying that caught me in the jaw. That day he lost most of his teeth with only seven intact.

Ernie Brown Jr is not a fortunate guy when it comes to the accident and injury but he maintains what he can control to keep himself healthy. Brown Jr keeps himself away from drinking habits and neither do drugs.

Ernie Brown Jr Facts

Name Ernie Brown Jr
Date of Birth March 28, 1965
Age 53
Birth Place Lebanon, Kentucky, United States
Parents Ernie Brown and Lola Brown
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  White
Spouse/Partner Debbie (ex)
Children Courtney Brown, Megan Brown
Net Worth $150,000

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