El Camino: 5 Characters We Saw Again (& 5 We Wish We Had Seen)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie picked up right where we left off in the series finale of the AMC series, Breaking Bad. When we last saw Jesse, he was driving away in a – you guessed it – El Camino, after escaping his imprisonment from the neo-Nazis, thanks to Walt’s sacrifice. And that brings us to this hugely buzzed-about follow-up movie. 

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Everyone has been dying to see the conclusion to Jesse Pinkman’s story, and for those of you who watched it as soon as it went up on Netflix last night, you got to see that satisfying ending already. You also saw the return of several fan-favorite characters. While there were some great cameos, there were still some we wish we had seen. Regardless, we’re here to break down the 5 Characters We Saw Again (And 5 We Wish We Had Seen). Let’s dive in.

10 Saw Again: Skinny Pete And Badger

Ah, the infamous duo of Skinny Pete and Badger. They have been a great source of comedic relief on Breaking Bad from the very beginning, and also have been by Jesse’s side as loyal friends from day 1, too. While they weren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed, they were always there for Jesse, and that was never shown more than in their reappearance in El Camino.

When Jesse showed up at Skinny Pete’s door, the two let their old friend in immediately, knowing he was on the run. They helped hide his car, made sure he was fed and got a shower, and even helped cover for him when the cops were closing in. Skinny Pete, in particular, showed how much he cared for Jesse, even remarking that Jesse was his “hero”. The best part, though? Finally seeing what Skinny Pete looks like without his beanie.

9 Wish We Had: Skyler And Walt Jr.

One of the more disappointing absences in El Camino was Skyler White and Walt Jr. Last we saw them, Skyler had been forced to move into an apartment and take a job as a taxi dispatcher after all their assets had been seized. She still had custody of her children with Walt – Walt Jr. and Holly. She even had a tension-filled goodbye with Walt when he returned to Albuquerque where she let him see their daughter one last time.

What we wish we could have seen in this film, though, is how she and her family have faired since that final moment in the series. Also, how were they coping with the news that Walter was officially dead? It’s an answer we will never have.

8 Saw Again: Todd

Todd was honestly the creepiest character we ever saw on Breaking Bad. Of course, in the series finale, Jesse was able to overpower him and kill him once and for all. But he was brought back in El Camino – through flashbacks. When we saw him in these flashbacks, they were centered around Jesse’s captivity at Todd’s Uncle’s behest.

Somehow, Todd was able to up the creepiness factor in each scene he shared with Jesse. Seeing him force Jesse to help him “clean up” a murder he had committed and talking about it so calmly as if it was nothing just reminded us of how psychopathic Todd truly was.

7 Wish We Had: Saul Goodman

Okay, so maybe we didn’t actually need to see this character make a cameo in El Camino. He does have his own spin-off show, after all, called Better Call Saul. But regardless, he was one of the best parts of Breaking Bad. He also provided much needed comic relief and was just all-around a fantastic character.

Granted, by the end of the series, he was laying low himself after all that had happened with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. But it still would have been incredible to even see him in a short flashback, much like they did with other cameos.

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6 Saw Again: Mike

Mike Ehrmantraut was a fan-favorite of the Breaking Bad series. He was Gus Fring’s right-hand man before Gus’ death, then he was in on the operations that Walt and Jesse were at the head of after the fact. He never really liked Walt, and for good reason, but all of it came to a head when Walt unnecessarily shot and killed Mike after he had insulted him.

While that was heartbreaking for fans to see, we luckily were able to see a new scene with Mike and Jesse at the beginning of El Camino, in a flashback. He gave Jesse advice on where to start over – in Alaska – and what was even more heartwarming was that Jesse did just that by the end of the film.

5 Wish We Had: Gus Fring

Once we saw they were able to bring back characters from Breaking Bad who had died in flashback cameos in El Camino, it got us thinking about who else it would have been nice to see brought back to life. Of course, one of the first we thought of was none other than Gus Fring himself – the fast-food franchise owner who had secretly built a meth empire.

He hired Walter and Jesse to assist in his operations, but by the end of season 4, he was at odds with Walt, and Walter had him killed. He had a large presence on the show and it would’ve been great to see him grace our screens in this universe once again.

4 Saw Again: Jane

Jane Margolis was a tattoo artist and Jesse’s landlord-turned-girlfriend in season 2 of Breaking Bad. She was also a former addict who fell off the wagon not long after she began dating Jesse, due to his own drug habits. They fell madly in love but also were detrimental to each other’s addictions.

When she died, it was tragic for Jesse and as audiences know, had several repercussions in the series, too. But at the end of El Camino, when Jesse is finally finding his freedom and new life in Alaska, he remembers Jane and a philosophical conversation they had before. It was heartbreaking yet so wonderful to see him with his lost love again.

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3 Wish We Had: Tuco Salamanca

We aren’t exactly sure how they would have brought Tuco Salamanca back in El Camino -not even in flashbacks – but we can’t deny that this larger-than-life character would have been amazing to see again. Tuco was a drug dealer that had done business with Walter and Jesse at the start of their meth-making careers.

He was a bit crazy, to say the least, and made for some of the most memorable scenes in Breaking Bad history. While we aren’t sure how he would have shown up in this movie, it still would have been a pleasant surprise to audiences if he had.

2 Saw Again: Walter White

Yes, Heisenberg himself showed up in what was the most highly anticipated cameo of the film. Many had suspected that Walter White would make an appearance, but we just weren’t sure how they would go about it. Turns out, we got to see a flashback of Walter and Jesse in the early days of their meth business. It called back to a season 2 episode where the two had gone on a meth-making bender in the desert.

This was also before the chaos really began to ensue for them. Walt ends up suggesting that when they sell the meth, Jesse takes his cut and goes to college. It was a bittersweet reunion for many reasons, but seeing Walter before he had gone full-blown Heisenberg and showing actual care for Jesse was the best way to see their characters off.

1 Wish We Had: Hank Schrader

Hank Schrader was not only the DEA agent bringing down Walt’s empire by the end of the series, but he was also Walter’s brother-in-law and friend. Hank had a lot of unfortunate circumstances happen to him over the course of the series, many of which happened inadvertently because of Walter.

When he found out his brother-in-law was a meth kingpin, he went on a crusade to bring him down. Unfortunately, he lost his life in the process. He was such a great character for the series, that he would have been another fantastic addition to their list of cameos, even if it could have only been in flashbacks.

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