Dunn County Murder Victims Found in SUV: Names & Photos

dunn county murder victims


Dunn County Murder victims Jasmine Christine Sturm, Loyace Foreman, Matt Pettus, and Nitosha Presley

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office in western Wisconsin has released the names of the four murder victims found dead in an SUV. All were from Minnesota.

Sheriff Kevin Bygd said in a news release that the victims are:

Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, female, 30 years old of Stillwater, MN
Matthew Isiah Pettus, male, 26 years old of Saint Paul, MN
Loyace Foreman III, male, 35 years old of Saint Paul, MN
Jasmine Christine Sturm, female, 30 years old of Saint Paul, MN

You can see photos of each victim and more details about them later in this article.

“Autopsies were performed on all four victims on Monday by Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office and the preliminary examination shows that all four victims died from gunshot wounds,” he wrote.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Bodies Were Found in an Abandoned SUV Driven Into a Corn Field

In a news release, authorities gave additional details of the homicides. No suspect has been identified.

On September 12, 2021 about 2:18 p.m., the Dunn County Emergency Communications Center “received a 911 call reporting a death in the Town of Sheridan in northern Dunn County. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a 4 victim homicide. The victims do not appear to have any connection to the area. The victims were found in an abandoned black SUV that was driven into a standing corn field off of a rural road in Sheridan township.”

“Please contact the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office at 715-232-1348 if you have information that might be related to this incident or may have seen a black SUV with Minnesota plates in that area. There may have been a second dark colored SUV traveling with the black SUV that may be related.”

Authorities added, “As we have learned more throughout our investigation, we do not believe there to be present danger to the public in the area.”

Loyace Foreman III

loyace foreman

FacebookLoyace Foreman

Loyace Foreman III left behind small children. A woman named Marquesha Patrice wrote on Facebook, “I never thought I would have to have this conversation with our boys….😭😭 Fly high Loyace PulzeRazr Foreman III…We love you Dad 💔”

On Facebook, he wrote that he “worked at Pharxmy Apparel. Studied Engineering Operations at Summit Academy OIC. Lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota,” and was from Chicago. He said he was in a relationship.

Jessica Foreman wrote, “My heart is broken. My soul is injured. My Spirit is resting in His shadow. See you in the morning son. RIP Loyace PulzeRazr Foreman III.”

Jasmine Christine Sturm

Jasmine Christine Sturm wrote on Facebook that she was a “Legal Administrative Assistant at Fields Law Firm,” who lived in and was from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She said she was in a relationship. Her cover photo was a graphic that read, “Cops aren’t supposed to kill guilty people, either.”

Her most recent posts were about shopping. On September 9, 2021, she wrote, “First day of 5th grade for my son today! I had to leave for work before he got on the bus plus he hates pictures anyway lol BUT he looked great and he was excited to see his friends. I can’t believe my boy is going to be in middle school next year 😩 where does the time go??!”

A man wrote, “Damn rip Loyace PulzeRazr Foreman III and jasmine christine…..sh*ts crazy.”

Matthew Pettus

Matthew Pettus went by Matt Pettus on Facebook, where he wrote that he was single and from Saint Paul, Minnesota. His top post on Facebook declared that he was in a relationship, and his cover photo shows him with a small child.

Two years ago, a friend joked on his page, “‘Dude im stone he stone she stone were all stoned’ 😂😂🤣” Pettus responded, “every day my guy.” However, authorities have not released any motive for the quadruple homicide.

A friend wrote on Facebook after his death, “Never Matt Pettus just checked out like that… we were just together when I was in Minnesota got me make wanna break down.” But the friend also wrote, “I remember We sneak off Job corps campus to smoke… we got high as hell that day right next to the zoo by the wolfs Cage.”

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these victims. I wish we could release more details of our investigation but we have to balance the public’s desire to know the details with running the risk of harming our investigation and losing evidence for building a good homicide case,” Bygd said.

Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley

Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley went by the name Nitosha Presley on Facebook. “MY SINCERE CONDOLENCES AND PRAYERS TO THE ENTIRE PRESLEY FAMILY FOR THE LOSS OF THEIR BELOVED Nitosha Presley MAY SHE REST IN GOD ETERNAL PEACE,” a friend wrote on Facebook.

Another friend wrote, “Completely crushed today with so much pain and anger I cannot even comprehend you were my sister and one closest friends to me when we were growing up a bond that was always there you did not deserve to go out like this and I pray that the mf who did this burn in hell for eternity I love you my beautiful sister till we meet again save a spot for me in heaven cuz I know that’s we’re you will be Nitosha Presley.”

Presley’s most recent post came in 2020. She frequently posted pictures of two small children.

“got em goin loco 😘” she wrote.

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