Dulé Hill's 10 Best Movies And TV Shows (According To IMDb)

Dulé Hill is a celebrated film and television actor. This impeccably skilled professional has been in the industry for over thirty years now, and his time and talent have afforded him some amazing experiences. Many fans got to know Dulé in his role as Charlie Young on The West Wing back in the day.

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Others might remember him the most from in his role as Burton “Gus” Guster on Psych. The fact is, Dulé Hill has starred in a number of other television shows and movies since his first two series as a regular, including several things before his time on The West Wing. Here are Dulé Hill’s ten best film and television roles, according to ratings on IMDb.

10 Black Monday (7.4)

Black Monday is a current series on Showtime that is set in 1987. It all begins on Black Monday, Wall Street’s most devastating stock market crash. Through a comedic lens, some outcasts get to the bottom of how the crash happens. So far, Dulé Hill has been featured in three recent episodes in the role of Marcus Duane Wainwright, III. The show was renewed for a second season.

9 Psych: The Movie (7.5)

In 2017, Dulé Hill and James Roday got to reprise their roles as Gus and Shawn in Psych: The Movie, which aired on the USA Network a few years after the television show finished its first run. The movie is not nearly as well-rated as the show, and it solves mysteries around blackmail, theft, and a shooting. Psych 2: Lassie Come Home has been delayed, but it is expected to premiere on Peacock.

8 Ballers (7.6)

Hill was seen a few years ago on an HBO show called Ballers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s comedy about the lives of football players.

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Dulé Hill had a substantial recurring role on this show as Larry Siefert, Miami’s general manager. He has played a lot of dramatic roles, so this is a great example of Dulé in a comedy.

7 Ghostwriter (7.6)

Let’s throw it back to the 90s, when Dulé guest-starred on the mystery series Ghostwriter. His episode, “To Catch a Creep: Part 1,” was about a student government election for President. One of the candidates has to investigate some leaked secrets about his personal business. Dulé is credited in the episode as “Basketball Boy.”

6 Smart Guy (7.7)

Later in the 1990s, Dulé Hill guest-starred on Tahj Mowry’s Smart Guy. The sitcom was a great way to display a lot of rising stars back then. Hill played a dance teacher named Calvin Tierney in an episode called “Gotta Dance.”

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Dulé Hill is a skilled tap dancer in real life, and he got to flex those muscles in this episode while flirting with Yvette Henderson (Essence Atkins). Smart Guy is now streaming on Disney+.

5 The Ditchdigger’s Daughters (1997, 7.7)

Dulé had a lead role in this 1997 dramatic film. He played Young Donald to Carl Lumbly’s Donald Thornton. The young star even got to work with High School Musical‘s Monique Coleman before her Disney career; she played young Donna. The movie was based on the book by Yvette Thornton and told the story of Donald’s work ethic and commitment to his six daughters.

4 Psych (8.3)

Dulé Hill is certainly known for his starring role as Burton Guster (Gus) on every episode of Psych.

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The USA Network dramedy centers on Burton’s best friend, Shawn Spencer, whose sharp crime-solving skills make the police think he is psychic. The show has something of a cult following to this day.

3 New York Undercover-8.5

IMDb’s description of this show reads, “Drugs, robbery, corruption, rape, murder. Cops versus criminals. The undercover war has started. Welcome to New York City.” Hmm… Hill had a small role as Georgie in New York Undercover’s 1995 episode, “CAT.” The episode is about a drug bust and is rated higher than the show’s overall score of 7.8.

2 Suits-8.5

Suits aired on USA from 2011 to 2019. Dulé Hill became an important member of the Suits cast on later seasons as the character Alex Williams, Senior Partner at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett.

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Hill was a strong attorney and impressed viewers in a total of 35 episodes, going from a recurring character to a series regular in the last couple of seasons.

1 The West Wing (8.8)

Dulé Hill’s breakout role is one of his fans’ favorites: Charlie Young on The West Wing (1999-2006). Charlie begins as President Bartlet’s Personal Aide, but he is so much more than that. Charlie is a valued and respected member of the the president’s staff, but he still experiences the heinous reality of white supremacy when he dates the president’s daughter, Zoey.

Dulé shows his versatility as an actor in this role. He is very solemn when the occasion demands it, but he also has priceless moments of subtle humor. For nostalgic viewers who want to relive Charlie’s journey, the show is still on Netflix.

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