Dreams: Beginner's Guide To The Dreamiverse

The creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway bring players a whole new way for players to show off their creating skills in the game, Dreams. Players are given the chance to interact with the world of Dreams more as a social platform rather than just a game. The focus of Dreams is not just in video game creation but also centers itself on art as a whole. Players are able to create music videos, art scenes, or stories, then share their created content with players around the world. This brings artists in all forms closer together all from the comfort of their couch.

This adorable new game gives players a chance to test out their creativity and show the world what can be done in a video game. With all this said, it can be difficult to figure out where to start in this immense and in-depth world. Luckily, the basics of the game are fairly simple. The game uses short cut buttons and controller movements to help navigate the Dreamscape. However, some parts may be a little tricky for beginners.

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The very first thing players get to do in Dreams is choose their Imp. Imps are very much alive and are cute cursors that will be part of a player’s adventure through the Dreamscape. Although players are given a few options to choose from at the start, they all have the same abilities. So it is not necessary to find a particular one, aside from it appeals to the player’s personal aesthetic.

The Imp will help players throughout their journey by interacting with and using various items in specific ways. Players will have the ability to possess vehicles and drive them around, possess light bulbs and turn them on and off, or even possess the body of a cone and work as a full-fledged body. Additionally, players can customize the look of their Imp fairly easily. This means players should not get too hung up on the look of their Imp right out of the gate. To change Imps, simply head to the Your Profile option once players have access to the Hub. Once there, players will be able to easily find where to change the appearance of the Imp. Hopefully, more customization options may be added in later updates.

Dreams has four different game modes. Players will have access to all modes once in the main hub. From the main hub, press the options buttons and all four menu icons will populate the screen. These modes are Homespace Editor, Dream Surfing, Community Jam, and Dreams Shaping.

Homespace Editor lets the player edit their Homespace, which also works as their hub area. There aren’t too many selections here, however, more options are slated to be added in the future. Dream Surfing is exactly as it sounds. It’s a place where players can test out levels and art created by other Dreams’ players. Community Jam is a special mode from Media Molecule. Media Molecule will set the theme and a particular time frame. From here, players can create their own custom levels based on the theme. Dream Shaping is where players can go to create their own levels. There are no limits to what players can create, and this is the perfect place to express that.

Knowing where to go can be half the battle in this game. Sometimes, it is easy to get lost and not know which way is up. It is important to remember where each thing players want to do is located.

Although this sounds like a simple idea, it’s something that is essential in playing Dreams. With Dreams, players get to set how their controllers interact with the game itself. As of currently, players have a choice of using the Dualshock controller or the Move Motion Controllers.

Both controller styles work fine within the world of Dreams. However, with the Dualshock controller, players will have the option to use the motion sensors or the left and right joysticks to control the player’s Imp. It is important for players to find out which way to play Dreams works best. The game offers different ways to interact with its interface, which leaves players to choose the most effective way to move, push, touch, resize, and select items. Additionally, players can switch how their controls work at any time. Simply press the Options button, then select the three dots in the right-hand corner, this should open the options screen. This will let players move between any control function that is preferred.

When starting the game, there are many different avenues for players to venture. One of the main choices at the start is whether to explore already created content or create something themselves. When starting the game, it is recommended that players play as many tutorials as possible.

Although this sounds tedious, with Dreams, it’s actually really fun. Dreams does an amazing job of ensuring that every tutorial is not only informative, but it’s fun. There are also a variety of ways to get into tutorials that may be harder to find while in gameplay. One of the easiest ways to find a tutorial is for players to select their profile on the main screen, then select Imp Challenges. The tutorials cover the basics of the game. Once completed, players are able to create straight away. The world of Dreams is based around the clever use of shortcut buttons and gestures.

Playing the tutorials will give players an advantage. It will be easier to navigate the rest of the game and create their own levels once the tutorials are completed. Additionally, players will receive awesome loot for completing the tutorials.

Sometimes, coming up with inspiration can be difficult. But in the world of Dreams, the inspiration can be endless. If players find themselves having a bit of writer’s block, simply visit the Dream Surfing hub. Here, players will be able to interact and play levels created by players from all over the world. This will also give players a first-hand visualization of what the world of Dreams is fully capable of.

The stories that other players create are both astounding, beautiful, and extremely fun. If given the chance, players should absolutely try Art’s Dream, which Media Molecule created. It explores a deep and important concept for artists of all backgrounds and combines three different narratives together. It’s entertaining, heart-warming, and beautiful. Plus, it will give players a little bit of help when creating their own levels. While playing, players have the chance to receive stickers and objects that can be used to create their own levels. Additionally, there are bound to be some surprises from other Dreams players. Just keep looking and really awesome ideas are bound to pop up.

Get out there and get building, gamers! The world is ready to see what art you bring to the table.

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Dreams is now available on PS4.

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