Disney’s Pocahontas: 10 Pieces Of Fan Art That Paint With All Of The Colors Of The Wind

Disney’s Pocahontas was a film that followed the romantic involvement of a Native American woman and an English settler. Fans fell in love with this Disney princess as she faced many obstacles that forced her to make many difficult decisions. Many have taken their passion for this princess to the next level by creating incredible pieces of fan art.

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The artists use a variety of tools and rely on their unique skill set to bring this character to life on a canvas. The pieces serve as a tribute to her and the film as they remind fans why they fell in love with it in the first place. Keep reading to see some breathtaking pieces of Pocahontas fan art!

10 Full Of Agile Grace

Pocahontas was agile as she grew up in an environment that required this skill in order to survive. The artist decided to highlight the grace that came along with this skill as she delicately poses upon the rock at the bottom of the waterfall.

The blurred creation of the background combined with a more defined Pocahontas is what makes this work truly exceptional and Laura Hollingsworth is the mastermind behind this piece.

9 Full Of Life And Color

One of Pocahontas’ most famous songs is called Colors of the Wind, and this artist decided to take a new approach to the lyrics.

Fans love how they incorporated a rainbow into the locks of her hair and the overall technique used to create this piece is incredible. An artist named Jasric created this piece that looks like a moving picture based on the flow of her hair.

8 A Forbidden Romance

There is so much to love about this portrait between the contrast of the blue and pink to the image of these lovers in the sky.

It has so many layers and requires viewers to take their time to look at it as they drink in the majesty this artist has created. Chris Darril is the artist who came up with this piece that has fans falling in love with the film all over again.

7 An Instant Connection

John Smith and Pocahontas had an instant connection and bond that couldn’t be broken, which is the feeling this artist captured in their work. The use of the lines and leaves to intertwine them was brilliant, as well as the use of a multicolored background.

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The character designs themselves are phenomenal and the flow of John Smith’s hair is what catches a viewer’s eye. KelogsLoops created this piece that has fans obsessed with this pair even more than they were before.

6 A White Outline

This artist’s decision to outline Pocahontas’ form in white was an excellent choice that really made her stand out from the background. Fans love the personal touches the artist gave to this princess as they designed her face in a more angular fashion than they are used to seeing.

Alexis Rocha is the artist who created this piece and it is hard not to love it as the colored leaves flow around her body in a way that adds dimension to the piece.

5 A Simple Sketch

Color isn’t always necessary to bring this princess to life on paper, especially when the artist has a good sense of space. This portrait showcases this unique ability as they combined their incredible shading with a design that puts this couple at the forefront of the piece.

Frossi Pitsalidou created this artwork that has fans in awe of their skills with just a simple pencil and a piece of paper.

4 Acrylic Paints Never Looked So Good

This artist utilized acrylic paints to create this mural that looks like a beautiful stained glass window. Fans love how each element is strictly separated by the use of dark lines, but it doesn’t lack dimension.

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It appears to stretch into the horizon forever and so many different parts of the film were able to be captured in this single artwork. WormHolePaintings created this piece that has viewers wishing they were half as talented as this artist.

3 A Swirl Of Color

This portrait was in honor of the film officially turning 25 years old and fans love the simplistic design of this piece. The swirl of the colors around the pair combined with the evident love in both of their eyes is beyond perfect.

The use of lines and blocks of color to shade also gives it a different vibe than the usual blending that is seen and Caro and Jess are the artists who fans can thank for this masterpiece.

2 A Speckled Background

The speckled background behind this princess is what caught the eyes of fans as it made it look like something they might see on a poster.

The addition of makeup to her face was a nice touch that gives this princess a modern feel. Momo created this piece and fans love this tribute to the Disney princess who they love the most.

1 Modern Twists Are Interesting

Pocahontas lived back in the early 1600s, so this artist decided to give her a unique spin more fitting for modern times. She created an outfit for her that speaks to the film, her heritage, and who she is as a part of the Disney family.

The use of a rainbow of colors on the end of her dress is phenomenal and Martha’s Page is responsible for the creation of this masterpiece.

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