Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Everything to Complete Before Seasons End

With less than a month left in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy, players have a little time to complete any remaining objectives unique to this season. The season pass, as well as maxing out light level are two of the main objectives, but there are a few other things that offer players some modest rewards left to complete before Season 11 goes under way.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy has been dubbed one of the worst seasons by some avid Destiny 2 players while others say it’s the calm before the storm; as the story and gameplay is severely lacking, void of depth and meaningful progression. A lot of questions from previous Seasons have been left unanswered such as the state of Eris’ Morn mind and allegiance, and the current standing of Uldren Sov, enemy turned Guardian. Players have yet to see the outcome of the Guardians and Vanguards alliance with Rasputin, as well as the resulting aftermath in taking on the Almighty and destroying it for good. Until then, here’s a guide on some loose ends players may want to tie up before witnessing the end of Season 10.

With Season 10 winding down, players can obtain the remaining tiers in the season pass by purchasing them with silver. If players are more than halfway through or encroaching upon the end, throwing away a couple of silver can finish up the pass quickly and obtain the remaining rewards without any more grinding for fast EXP. The latter half of the season pass includes ornaments for both the Exotic weapon Tommy’s Matchbook as well as the Seventh Seraph armor sets, shotgun, and smg. Exotic engrams also drop during the latter half of the pass, so the chance to earn the rest of the current season’s exotics are pretty high with those engrams.

Seraph bunkers and towers are unique to Season 10, most likely set to disappear after season of the Worthy’s completion. Ranking up seraph bunkers gives players a bonus in firepower in the seraph tower public event as well as within the legendary lost sectors. Tier 2-3 Gear can be earned from leveling up the bunkers and the ability to complete bounties that reward seasonal weapons. Story-wise, players have yet to observe the fruits of their labors for pumping thousands of Warmind bits into the bunkers, but fully upgrading all 3 of them will award the individual triumphs for each bunker as well as “Full Stack Warmind Security” for the collective completion. The quest reward for all 3 bunker completions is the shaders Midnight Expert and Valkyrie Zero, the Knight of the Old Guard emblem, and the Absalom Knife ship. There are other Seraph triumphs rewarded for completing all the legendary lost sectors, seraph tower completions, and clearing the bunkers of enemies. All these triumphs work toward obtaining the Almighty Seal that players can show off in-game.

Last week in Destiny 2 May 12th- May 19th, was the final week for Iron Banner this season. With it, goes the chances of obtaining the ritual weapon through the seasonal quest “Cast in Iron”. This season, Iron banner offered a ritual weapon for the first time ever, while also being the only playlist to award players with a ritual weapon at all. The legendary bow Point of the Stag has excellent PvP potential as a precision frame with a fast draw time. Archers tempo is an available perk on the weapon, which will provide players with faster draw speeds in-between every precision shot. Until further details, the weapon is currently only available in Season 10 and has not been revealed to be a recurring weapon for the upcoming Season 11. Completing Iron Banner bounties will reward players with pinnacle gear that can raise light levels quickly and other items, so make sure to have turned those in. The Iron Remembrance armor set, Cast Iron Emblem, and Iron Precious shader are the other collectibles.

Like previous seasons, players receive and seasonal from the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors. Each of these quests Fighting in Style, City Defender, and Free advertising award a shader and emblem after it’s completion. Grand-Master level strikes are the current final step in Vanguard activities and were added to the game with a corresponding seal in the triumphs section. Earn the Conqueror Seal by completing the Insight Terminus, Exodus Crash, The Arms Dealer, Warden of Nothing, Broodhold, Tree of Possibilities, on Grand-Master difficulty. Unfortunately, there were no pinnacle/ritual weapons offered to players for each of these playlists this season, but previous weapons are still attainable through their given quests. “The Lie” quest has also landed, so make sure players complete it to receive Felwinter’s shotgun.

Trials of Osiris has returned to Destiny 2 this season, albeit with some mixed reviews, but none the less rewards players with triumphs and the Flawless seal for a variety of completions. Going flawless awards players with Trials specific weapons as well, so players should win frequently in order to add them to their arsenals. While most of these triumphs for the Flawless and Conqueror seals are labeled “available only during the season of the worthy”, these seals will not disappear and might merely require different Triumphs to complete them in further seasons ahead.

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Destiny 2 is available on Xbox, Ps4, and PC.

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