Danielle Armstrong Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth, Body Stats (2017 & 2018)


Do you know about the entrepreneur and a reality tv star Danielle Armstrong? Have a look at her bio where we are sharing info about her family, career, net worth, body measurements and features like height, weight eye and hair colour. Also, check out Danielle Armstrong’s gossips, controversies and upcoming events in this article. We will also be sharing her official website, social profiles like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube channel, Tumblr, etc. Fans can check out these accounts and can know her more.


Reality Tv Star Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong is a reality star is famous for her appearance in the British reality show. However, she is also famous among the public as a businesswoman in the fashion world. Best known for her role in the ITVB reality series The Only Way Is Essex. She is an inspiration for the young generation and has huge fan followers. She is a famous icon in the television world and has impressed a large number of populations through her great work and her business style. Also, she has become a business as well as a model idol among the youth generation by creating an example as both successful businesswoman and television celebrity.

Danielle Armstrong Family

She was born on 28 August 1990 in the United Kingdom. Her mother was Margie Codine Williamson and her father was Carl M. Armstrong. She has a long-term relationship with James Lock who is her Towie castmate.

Danielle Armstrong Career

Danielle is best remembered for her good performance in the television in semi-reality programme show ITV2: The Only Way Is Essex and she continues involvement in the various television shows. She will continue her show for further six series. She is also running her boutique successfully which has made her famous as a good businesswoman among her fan and followers.

Danielle Armstrong Net Worth

She has her own beauty salon in Brentwood which provides a good source of income for her. She has also made a good source of income through her various roles done by her in different television shows. However, there is no estimated data available for her net worth in 2016. Moreover, the net worth of 2017 and 2018 is under review. So no exact data is available for her income.

Danielle Armstrong Body Measurements and Features

Danielle looks incredible. Her style and looks make her look hot and stunning and has been able to steal hearts worldwide. Her fans must be waiting to know about her physical stats and features. So, all are mentioned below :

Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 57 kg
Measurement 36-24-35
Hair colour Blond
Eye colour Blue

Danielle Armstrong Upcoming Projects and Gossips

There is a rumour that her boyfriend is cheating her and there is a depression created in her due to this relationship. This has created hot news among the media which has increased the rate of followers of Danielle. Danielle Armstrong left ITVB show The Only Way Is Essex last year due to this tension. However, there is another rumour that she has again bond back with her ex-boyfriend that has created a huge tension between her mother and Danielle.

Danielle Armstrong Official Website and Social Profiles

Danielle has posted around 1274 photos on Instagram which have increased the followers’ rate.  On the other hand, she became a huge sensation after losing around 21 lb weight. Due to her good performance in The Only Way Is Essex, she took a place to the youths.. She is one of the television sensations and has huge fan followers. She has got 16k likes for her good work on facebook. This helps in booming her fan followers and made her one of the great television sensations of present times.

She has an active social profile which helped her to turn about 1M follower in Instagram. Similarly, Danielle Armstrong has about 579K followers on Twitter. Side by side she has big fan followers on Facebook. Likewise, there are 12,284 followers available on her Facebook page. If anyone wants to follow on the social media page of Danielle Armstrong, please follow the link below:

Official website:  (not available)

Facebook Page: facebook.com/DanielleArmstrongTOWIE

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Daniarmstrong88

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/daniellearmstrong88/

Tumblr Handle: (not available)

Youtube channel: (not available)

Snapchat: danniarmstrong1


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