Daniel Jones in Full Pads at Practice, Injured Giants QB ‘on Track’

Judge on Jones’ Playing Status

While things are clearly looking up for Jones just three days removed from a goalline helmet-to-helmet hit, the 24-year-old has just four days to clear concussion protocol in hopes of suiting up against the Los Angeles Rams.

“I would say from all the information we have, yes. If he’s cleared medically, it would be an option,” Judge said of Jones potentially playing in Week 6. “I’d say he’s kind of on track with everything right now. He’s with the trainers. He can’t walk through or practice or anything with us today. He’s in the meetings, he’s participating in that part. We’ll go through the rest of the week and kind of see where that all leads.”

As for whether Jones would need to return to practice in order for him to be active on game day, Judge said “It’d be a decision I’d have to look into in terms of where I think he is physically and mentally for the game. That’d be something we have in consideration. … I would not rule that out, no.”

Should Jones be unable to go against Los Angeles, veteran backup Mike Glennon would man the reigns under center. In spot duty against the Cowboys, the former third-round pick completed 64% of his passes for 196 yards and one touchdown.

“Mike’s a smart quarterback,” Judge noted. “Mike did a good job last week. We didn’t change any of the game plan. He went in and we just went ahead and played, and that’s what he’s here for. His job is to be prepared. He does a good job of being prepared. I’m very pleased with how this guy works. He uses every rep he gets to maximize and be prepared. In terms of is it game plan A or game plan B? No, it’s the game plan, then let’s go ahead and play.”


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