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Daddy Long Neck born as David Samuelson Jr is a famous American social media personality and a renowned blogger. The widely renowned internet personality has 2.1m followers from all around the world on Instagram.


As far as the sources are concerned, people around America call Daddy Long Neck as “Neckst Big Thing.” Daddy Long Neck came into prominence after people in America and all over the world were fascinated with David’s Long Neck which is very unusual for a human being.


The reason why David has a long neck is because of a medical disease. And because of this disease, Daddy Long Neck is exceptionally skinny. Even since David was young, he had a hard time to gain weight. David is from Flint which is located in Michigan, USA. Other hand being a blogger David has also made a career in music videos. According to Daddy Long Neck, Flint is a city which is famous for criminal activities such as killing.

Net Worth and Career:

In this career, David has worked with several media personalities such as Wide Neck, Reggiebaybee2, Soo.itslilnick as well as supreme Parry. David began his career by making live videos on Facebook, and this helped him to become a teen sensation on Instagram. David’s Social Media accounts are comprised of real-life footage that features him with his family members as well as with his friends.

The videos that made him a social media personality showcased David performing silly acts and completing weird challenges. This help David to garner a hundred thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Nevertheless, after David met Wide Neck, his social media presence, as well as career, reached new heights. In the year 2018, in December the duo dropped their first ever music video called “Neckst Up.” The video featured as an exclusive video on WorldStarHipHop, and this changed everything.

Image of Daddy Long Neck from Neckst Up music video
Daddy Long Neck from Neckst Up music video

By the next couple of months, the video has had been streamed for more than 8 million times. Some people gave the two artists a thumbs up at the same time some people didn’t like the video.

In a few weeks, the duo released their second music video called Neckst Big Thing which has quite a lot of similarity with the first song. Neckst Big Thing got millions of and received mix reviews. According to the sources, the video was uploaded on the 8th of January, 2019. And in the meantime, David’s YouTube account has 4.2 million followers.

David’s popularity and fame gave rise to an estimated net worth of $1 Million. In less than six years David managed to accumulate a massive net worth all by himself.

Image of Comedian, Daddy Long Neck net worth is $1 million
Comedian, Daddy Long Neck net worth is $1 million

What’s wrong with Daddy Long Neck?

According to the reports, David since his birth has been inflicted with a connective tissue genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome. MFS usually affects the connective tissue of a person’s body, and the same thing happened with David. The organs, each cell of a body and tissue together form connective tissue. The most important role of connective tissue to help the body is developing and growing properly.

Image of Daddy Long neck inflicted with a connective tissue genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome
Daddy Long neck inflicted with a connective tissue genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome

When David used to younger, he struggles to develop muscles and gain weight, and the only reason is that he is suffering from Marfan Syndrome. Doctors tried to help David by injecting a tube via his nose and supplied him with the right amount of food that his body generally needs. According to the sources, David had to wear the set up for at least five years.

The Marfan Syndrome condition doesn’t have any cure till now. And with regular checkups and proper treatment people can lead a normal life and have an average life expectancy. Sometimes the patient has to undergo surgery for repairing aorta or simply replace the valve of the heart. David is becoming successful around the world given that this condition is going to stay with him till his last breath.

Daddy Long Neck Age, Wiki-Bio

By the looks of it, David is in his 20s. None of the social media sites has mentioned when Daddy Long Neck’s birthday is. According to the sources, David is close with his mother after their parents split when David was younger, David stayed with his mother. His parents’ names haven’t been disclosed anywhere either.

Age -NA-
Net worth $1 Million
Spouse -NA-
Kids -NA-
Occupation Social Media Personality
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

David aka Daddy Long Neck is a successful social media personality. He has a net worth of $1 Million that came from his social media posts and a couple of music videos.

Daddy Long Neck is an American social media personality and vlogger who as more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram (damnlongneck). His real name is David Samuelson Jr and his nick name Daddy Long Neck comes from the fact that he has a long neck.

 daddy long neck

Family/ Relationships

Daddy Long Neck Ethnicity/Religion/Nationality

He is a social media personality and vlogger. His real name is David Samuelson Jr. Not much information on him is known at the moment.

Daddy Long Neck Affair/Dating/Girlfriend

His relationship status is not known at the moment. For more information, visit his Instagram.

Profile / Wiki / Information

Personal Information

  • Full Name: David Samuelson Jr.
  • Nicknames: Daddy Long Neck
  • Birthday: Not Available
  • Age: Not Available
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Current Residence: United States
  • Education: Not Available
  • Profession: Comedian, vlogger
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity/Race: White
  • Religion: Not Available
  • Zodiac: Not Available
  • Spouse/Wife: Not Available
  • Children: Not Available
  • Net Worth: Not Available

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  • Height: Not Available
  • Weight: Not Available


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