Colton Haynes 10 Best Roles, Ranked According To IMDb

Colton Haynes is best known for playing Roy Harper aka Arsenal on the superhero TV show Arrow, but he’s done a whole lot of interesting roles, both in films and on TV.

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Born in 1988, Haynes is still one of the younger generations of actors, but that didn’t stop from acting for years. He first began doing modeling work when he was just 15 years old, and as many models do, both male and female, he eventually found his way into the world of acting. Besides acting, he also enjoys singing, ever since he was a child. Let’s take a look at Colton Haynes’ 10 best roles, ranked by IMDb.

10 The Gates: 7.1

More of Colton Haynes’ acting parts on TV have the same rating on IMDb (7.1), but the show The Gates deserves to be on this list more than TV shows such as The Grinder or The Nine Lives of Chloe King since Haynes has a much bigger acting part in The Gates.

Plus, his presence in this show reveals a repeated pattern in Haynes’ acting career, and that’s his common presence in the TV shows of the fantasy or horror genre. The Gates only ran for one season comprised of thirteen episodes in total and Colton Haynes played Brett Crezski in all thirteen of them.

9 Scream Queens: 7.1

Some TV shows have the amazing ability to take a well-known trope or a storytelling element and transform it into something that feels new and original. Scream Queens is an excellent example of this innovative approach.

It ran for two seasons and focused on characters who were terrorized by a serial killer in different locations, their university and a hospital included. While that sounds rather dramatic, the show actually had its fill of funny moments. Colton Haynes appeared in the second season and played Tyler for two episodes, in Warts and All (episode 2) and Handidates (episode 3), and as always, his presence was a nice surprise.

8 Yearbook: 7.5

Even though you probably mostly know him thanks to his numerous appearances on long-running TV shows, Colton Haynes has also done his fair share of film work. He played alongside Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas (2015) or appeared in a funny role next to Scarlett Johansson in Rough Night (2017).

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However, his best-ranked movie role on IMDb is none of the feature films, but a part in a short 2011 film titled Yearbook. According to IMDb, Yearbook is a ten-minute drama film taking place at the Rockdale High School where something strange is going on. Haynes played Carl Mccormick in this film, which was nominated for two awards.

7 Teen Wolf: 7.6

Before he became Roy Harper on Arrow, Colton Haynes had a bigger part in one of the most popular modern fantasy shows about werewolves. Unlike Arrow, Haynes didn’t jump onto the show when it was already running, but first appeared in the pilot episode titled “Wolf Moon” and played in 26 episodes in total, his final appearance in the twentieth episode of the sixth season.

Haynes portrayed Jackson Whittemore in the show, a high school nemesis of Scott McCall in the first and second season. Jackson is a talented athlete with a complicated past which gave Haynes enough chance to show off his acting chops.

6 Arrow: 7.6

Is anyone surprised that one of Colton Haynes’ best-ranked roles is the one of Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal or Speedy on Arrow? When the viewers first meet Roy in the fifteenth episode of the first season, he’s far from a hero. Even though he has a good heart, he isn’t above stealing. It is only later when he joins Oliver Queen’s team and begins fighting crime alongside him that Roy turns into a genuine hero.

He also begins dating Oliver’s younger sister Thea and the two grow very close. Roy’s journey is an excellent example that you can always turn your life around, if only you set your mind to it.

5 Arrow: Blood Rush: 7.7

The fact that Roy Harper was such a popular character on Arrow whom fans enjoyed seeing in action and were happy when he returned to the show after a temporary pause, during which Colton Haynes focused on another acting work, becomes even more obvious thanks to the existence of this miniseries.

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Arrow: Blood Rush focuses specifically on Roy who meets with Felicity who has a special mission for him. The TV series only has six short episodes and it was released online in 2013, so if you like Roy and want to learn more about his life, you should give it a shot.

4 American Horror Story: 8.1

American Horror Story is one of the most successful horror anthologies of all time. It has already released nine seasons since 2011, each of which takes place in a different environment (such as a circus, a coven, a hotel, a haunted house, an asylum, and more).

The series in which Colton Haynes appeared took place in a cult, and Haynes played Jack Samuel, a detective with some hidden secrets in his life. This time, Haynes sported an unusual almost white hairdo, and joined the cast for six episodes, when his character Jack Samuels investigated brutal attacks committed by people dressed as clowns.

3 Pushing Daisies: 8.3

Pushing Daisies is an adorable fantasy slash romance slash crime TV show about a man who not only makes the most delicious pies but also has the ability to temporarily bring dead people back to life and ask them what or who killed them.

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But when he brings his dead crush Chuck back to life, he knows he’ll never be able to touch her again or she’d die again, and this time forever. Lee Pace and Anna Friel shine in the show and Colton Haynes joined them for one episode when he played the character of Ares Kostopolous in the fourth episode of the second season.

2 Superhero Fight Club: 8.6

There are a lot of humorous moments in the Arrowverse, especially in shows such as The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Arrow, on the other hand, is more on a serious note but it still contains some funny scenes and quotes.

As for the Superhero Fight Club, it’s exactly what the title promises… and it’s brilliant. The short film answers the question of what would happen if superheroes had a secret fight club where they could have fun and practice their skills in their free time. Haynes reprised his role from Arrow in this film, alongside other superheroes, such as Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow.

1 My Chemical Romance: I Don’t Love You: 8.8

One of the most brilliant aspects of working as an actor is the rich variety of acting jobs you’ll get the opportunity to do… if you’re lucky, of course. While Colton Haynes may be best-known to the general audience for his prominent roles in fantasy TV shows such as Teen Wolf and Arrow (see above), he doesn’t limit his acting activity to TV only.

All the way back in 2007, when he was just 19 years old, Haynes appeared in a music clip for the famous band My Chemical Romance. The video is only four minutes long and Haynes plays the part of Lover in it, alongside Cassandra Church.

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