Catelynn Baltierra Asks for Money on Instagram

Catelynn Baltierra


“Teen Mom” fans said Catelynn Baltierra was being “tacky.”

“Teen Mom” fans said Catelynn Baltierra was being “tacky” after she posted a picture to Instagram of a fundraiser for her daughter, 7-year-old Nova.

Nova and her team, “Tiny Tulips,” are raising money for cheerleading.

“So nova is looking for sponsors you can literally pick ANY number on this page and pay the number!” Baltierra wrote via Instagram on August 11. “So if you pick number 20 then you would donate $20! The donations would help with uniforms, practice and competitions!”

“Anything helps thank you so much!” Nova continued. “Forgot to say for donations your name gets put into a drawing for prizes! Can’t believe I’m gonna be a cheerleader mom ❤️🎉📣 if you want to donate to the fundraiser send me a DM.”

Baltierra disabled the comments on the post.

Fans Slammed Baltierra For Posting the Fundraiser

Viwers were not pleased with Baltierra for asking for money from her 4.2 million Instagram followers.

A thread about the fundraiser was posted to Reddit, where it attracted more than 400 comments.

“It would be one thing to post on like a private account for only friends and family, or even specifically say, “Hey friends and fam, Nova has a fundraiser going on!” reads one of the most popular comments. “This is just tacky. No, Cate, you can’t have my money.”

“Seriously, I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more trashy and tacky, she’s asking her fans for donations to novas cheerleading,” a second person added. “I understand that this is normal for cheer, but they pull in hundreds of thousands of d