Bloodshot Fans Can Watch The First 9 Minutes For Free Online

The first nine minutes of Vin Diesel’s superhero movie Bloodshot have been made available on YouTube by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie hit theaters just before everyone began self-isolating and movie theaters started shutting down, which, coupled with its poor reviews, led to a pretty abysmal box office showing. The movie follows the story of a nanite-infused super soldier named Ray Garrison (Diesel) who is brought back to life and given the chance to hunt down his wife’s killer before his world is turned upside down in a twist spoiled by the movie’s trailer.

With Bloodshot already released for On-Demand viewing, the YouTube preview is likely intended as an extended trailer to entice those living under quarantine to give the movie the chance it never got at the box office. The teaser appears to be working thus far with an overwhelmingly positive rating on YouTube, though most of the comments seem to be focused on fans’ desire for Sony to release a trailer for Venom 2. Check out the first nine minutes of Bloodshot below:

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Diesel hoped that Bloodshot would begin a Valiant Comics cinematic universe, but barring a huge boom in interest from those stuck at home, that doesn’t seem likely. Still, Bloodshot does represent a different, even refreshing, approach to the superhero genre and certainly has its defenders. With so many isolated indoors, now might be the perfect time to give the movie the chance viewers otherwise wouldn’t have. Since Bloodshot‘s opening 9 minutes are completely free to watch, now’s the perfect time to check it out.

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Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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