BioWare Job Listing Suggests Mass Effect Or Dragon Age Sequel Soon

A new job posting for BioWare hints at either a Mass Effect or Dragon Age sequel in progress. Both games have large fanbases which would be extremely happy to see the company return, and there are multiple reasons why those fans have reason to believe it’s their franchise which is getting the new entry. Although the developer didn’t experienced the positive response to their latest game, Anthem, that they are used to, many players would still like to see BioWare return to the games they are best known for.

For Dragon Age fans, they remember when BioWare’s executive producer Mike Darrah tweeted the words “Dragon Age” back in November of 2019. With little else to infer the message’s context, some players assumed it was a hint that the company was at work on a new entry in the fantasy RPG franchise. Two months later, in January of 2020, the official BioWare account tweeted out a short video of the intro for the first Mass Effect game with the hashtag “MassRelays” attached, further confusing fans. Whether these were meant as simple jokes, a way for the company to gauge player’s interests, or actual secret hints, now fans know for sure that BioWare is definitely working on… something.

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As originally discovered by SegmentNext, it turns out the BioWare is currently hiring for a Technical Director in their Edmonton, Alberta EA office in Canada. According to the official EA job listing, the Technical Director position will “be the most senior engineering lead on the next major title in one of BioWare’s most prestigious franchises.” This clearly excludes Anthem as a possibility, leaving only Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and perhaps Jade Empire as potential previous franchises for the company to mine for sequels.

However, a previous report from Kotaku last year already reported that a new Mass Effect title was in the very early stages of development, and that title was (just like this new job listing) located at the BioWare Edmonton offices. At the time, the game was said to be under the direction of “longtime BioWare Producer” Mike Gamble, but it appears whoever gets hired as Technical Director will have their own fair say in how the next Mass Effect game will turn out.

Unless the BioWare Edmonton offices are working on multiple projects within BioWare’s owned IPs, which is unlikely, this is almost assuredly a sign that the new Mass Effect game is moving into the bigger stages of production, if it’s not being developed heavily already behind the scenes. After the disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the ending of Mass Effect 3, BioWare only has one more chance to prove they know what they are doing with their popular sci-fi franchise. Let’s hope whoever gets hired as Technical Director has what it takes to make sure the next Mass Effect, or Dragon Age, lands on its feet.

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Source: EA (via SegmentNext), Kotaku

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