Bears’ Justin Fields Stands Next to Jordan Love, Goes Viral

Justin Fields Jordan Love


Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Or Tweets.

When Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields and Green Bay Packers second year QB Jordan Love recently spent time working out and training together, fans of both teams took notice. Both young quarterbacks share an agent, David Mulugheta, who also reps Deshaun Watson.

Watson was also present at the training session, but he wasn’t in the photo that set both Bears and Packers Twitter afire. When a shirtless Fields stood next to Love (who was wearing a shirt), oodles of memes were born, and both Bears and Packers fans had loads to say about it.

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Green Bay Fans Aren’t Impressed With Justin Fields

For his part, Love has been preparing for a season in which he has no idea if he’ll be Green Bay’s starter a week before training camp. He has yet to play a snap in the league, and the pressure will be on whenever he takes over for Aaron Rodgers — regardless of when that is.

When the image of Love and Fields standing side-by-side began to make the rounds on social media, Packers fans were quick to evoke images of draft day Tom Brady to illustrate their point that being muscular doesn’t necessarily guarantee Fields anything. Here are a few responses from Green Bay faithful:

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Bears Fans Are Having a Fields Day

Since getting taken by the Bears at No. 11 overall, Fields has been working hard to get acclimated to the NFL. “If I go a day without getting better in one way, whether it’s mentally, physically, I feel lazy and I feel like I’m not doing enough to accomplish what I need to accomplish,” Fields said in June.

“For me personally, I have to do something football related, whether it’s studying my plays for 45 minutes, an hour, or working out, I have to do something to feel like I’m being productive because I love to feel like I’m being productive and I don’t like feeling like I’m being lazy because that’s one thing that I can control is my work ethic. So I like to do something every day just to have that piece of mind knowing that I’m getting better each and every day.”

Based on his physique in the viral photo, his hard work shows — and Bears fans could not be happier about it:


“I’ve been in a situation like this before and all I did was get better,” Fields added, referencing his 2019 transfer from Georgia to Ohio State. “So I feel like you can control what you can control and come to work every day with a positive attitude and a want to get better then there’s no stopping you. I think when that time comes, when I do get my opportunity, then I just would like to be ready for that moment.”

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