Batwoman Season 2 Recast: Jade Tailor Wants To Replace Ruby Rose

Jade Tailor wants to work her magic on The CW’s Batwoman. Ruby Rose will no longer play Batwoman on the Arrowverse series, and competition is fierce for the title role. The Magicians‘ actress, whose Kady Orloff-Diaz character possessed a Discipline in Physical Magic, is entering the fray to replace the superhero lead.

Rose leaving Batwoman wasn’t entirely her decision. Reportedly, he actress wasn’t used to the long hours, and had trouble adjusting to Vancouver, where the series shoots. Rose first played the Arrowverse’s Kate Kane in 2018 when she debuted in the Elseworlds crossover. Batwoman premiered as part of The CW’s 2019-2020 roster. Rose, who played Kate Kane for 20 episodes, also reportedly departed due to on-set tensions. Her initial casting was also complicated. Fan backlash, which ranged from Rose not being gay enough to play the lesbian character to not being of Jewish descent, drove her off social media.

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Now, Tailor believes she has what it takes to take on Gotham City. On Twitter, she wrote, “Since Ruby Rose is no longer playing Batwoman on Batwoman, I think they should cast someone with fighting skills (like krav maga) who has already played a bad ass on screen the last 5 years and loves working crazy hours!” To further make the point, Tailor showed how prepared she is already. The highlighted her moves in a video of fight choreography she shared in a follow-up tweet. “I’m just gonna leave this right here,” Tailor wrote.

The Magicians, an adaptation of the Lev Grossman fantasy book series, premiered on Syfy in 2015. As luck would have it, episode 13, “Fillory and Further,” ended its run. While there were attempts to bring The Magicians season 6 to other outlets, the series surpassed the book series’ three novel arc. The character Kady didn’t appear in the book series, so Tailor had the freedom to build her character from scratch. Conversely, if Tailor landed the role of Kate Kane on Batwoman, she’ll arguably have a great deal less creative freedom, having to step into the shoes initially established by Rose. That said, Tailor seems game for the challenge, especially as it pertains to Batwoman’s fight scenes.

As revealed in Batwoman season 1, Kate Kane became the Scarlet Knight when her cousin Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, left Gotham City a few years prior to the show kicking off. There are quite a few good candidates for actresses who could replace Rose in Batwoman and take on the avenging mantle. Tailor’s role in The Magicians shows she can explore the darkness required to bring an ambiguous depth to the role, and the abracadabra flair to wear the cape and cowl. Still, it remains to be seen if she’ll even be contacted about the role. For now, fans will have to wait and see who will inevitably land the part to be the new lead in Batwoman season 2.

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Source: Jade Tailor/Twitter

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