Batman Tries To Kill Wolverine in Marvel/DC Crossover

Batman and Wolverine are two of the most popular heroes from their respective publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics. The two heroes are pretty different from one another, as Bruce Wayne uses his detective smarts, wealth, and gadgets as his main tools to fight crime, while Wolverine isn’t afraid to be brutal with his adamantium claws. So, how would they fare against each other? Artist Stephen Byrne (Wonder Twins) answered the question, bringing the crossover to life.

Marvel and DC Comics are no stranger to crossover events. There was the infamous Marvel vs DC crossover event, as well as the Amalgam mash-up universe, where Batman and Wolverine were combined to create Dark Claw. But, in or out of continuity, Batman and Wolverine never officially faced off. However, during the industry shutdown, there’s been a push for a new Marvel/DC crossover. Byrne has been making his own crossovers, including Wonder Woman taking on Thor, as well as Batman fighting Wolverine.

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On Byrne’s Twitter, he shared his panel of Wolverine wreaking havoc on top of the Batmobile, as Batman is forced to deal with the threat above. Logan launches his claws into the Batmobile and tears off a sizeable piece before Batman stands up and wallops Wolverine with a punch. As Wolverine is distracted, Batman jumps off the Batmobile right before it hits a building, causing quite the fiery crash.

To Batman’s shock, Wolverine emerges from the fire. Logan has a giant chunk missing from his torso and his skin burned off his body. Still, he’s ready to tango with the Dark Knight, as he’s got his claws unsheathed, and walks towards Batman, despite barely being in one piece. It’s quite the gruesome scene, but Wolverine has never let serious injuries stop him before, so why start now?

It’s a safe bet Batman knew about Wolverine’s regenerative abilities, otherwise, did he intend on breaking his biggest rule to put down a fellow hero? Perhaps, he knew about Logan’s healing factor and thought ‘killing him’ would be temporary and didn’t anticipate the clawed mutant to rise so quickly. Regardless, it’s an expensive car crash for Batman and one that ultimately didn’t do that much to his opponent – good thing he’s got more than enough money to spare. It’s a stunning sequence by Byrne, who’s really done an exceptional job with these crossover pages. Batman and Wolverine fighting would be epic – as this art definitely proves.

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Source: Stephen Byrne Twitter

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