Bachelor's Hannah Ann Reveals She's Secretly Dating a New Man

Hannah Ann could be dating someone new once we’re able to actually go out on dates again, but she won’t reveal anything about him yet. Someone, likely a Bachelor Nation alum slid into the DMs of Hannah Ann, who has moved on from her breakup with Peter Weber on The Bachelor.

It was clear that Hannah Ann was over Peter during the two-part finale, when she handed him the ring back and then destroyed him on After the Final Rose. To be fair, he deserved it. Peter lied to Hannah Ann outright when he proposed to her, not telling her about his unresolved feelings for Madison. He also didn’t reveal that it was Madison who broke it off with him, not the other way around. After they got home, Peter insisted he reach out to Hannah Brown for closure, which Hannah Ann found to be a strange request. When she was invited to talk with Peter on camera, she could sense the breakup was coming. She called him out for his deception and for taking away her first engagement from her. Hannah Ann’s approval rating skyrocketed after the finale. Her personality hadn’t been shown much all season, but the side she showed when she left Peter was a performance that would have given her the lead of The Bachelorette had Clare Crawley not already been selected.

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Since being The Bachelorette is out of the picture, Hannah Ann has taken to checking her DMs for men interested in dating her. She told Nick Viall on the Viall Files podcast (via Cosmopolitan) that “there’s one person in particular” who she’s looking forward to going out with. She confessed that her love interest is not a musician.

Hannah Ann also revealed that she would love to date Tyler Cameron if she had her choice of anyone in Bachelor Nation. That might be tricky at the moment, as Tyler could be getting back together with the other Hannah. If there’s any positive to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s that Hannah Ann doesn’t have to worry about being photographed with men because everyone is stuck inside. Hannah Ann admitted this, saying, “It’s nice just to have private conversations, slowly get to know someone and not have everyone know every detail.”

As soon as the restrictions are lifted from the COVID-19 outbreak, it will be a lot of work keeping up with the Bachelor Nation alums who are meeting up with one another. Some, like Peter Weber, aren’t waiting for self-quarantine to be over. Meanwhile, Hannah Ann is spending her time responding to DMs and staying away from the spotlight while the virus runs its course.

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Source: Viall Files, Cosmopolitan

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