Bachelor: Peter Weber Avoids Quarantine to Flirt with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago

Peter Weber should be content to stay in self-quarantine like the rest of us and take some time away from dating for a bit. That’s not how the latest star of The Bachelor rolls.

It feels like an eternity ago now that Peter broke up with Hannah Ann, feuded with his mother and got back together with Madison, before mutually ending things with Madison a couple days later. Peter was not a good Bachelor. He was often indecisive, incapable of snuffing out lies and unaware of what he was actually looking for in a partner. This left him single at the end of a journey designed to ensure he finds a mate. By the time he had reached the final three, it was glaringly obvious that he was not going to end up marrying any of the remaining women. The only one he was remotely compatible with was Kelley Flanagan. The two had met before the show started, but Peter let her go before hometown dates. Kelley didn’t think the other women could hold a candle to her, something she expressed right before she was cut.

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It seems Peter may have seen the error in his ways, as TMZ recently spotted he and Kelley together in Chicago. Sources told the outlet that Peter was “super-flirty and very handsy” with the attorney. Putting aside the concern that it’s not a great time to be super handsy, this likely implies that Peter is trying to make up for a past mistake of letting Kelley go.

They could, of course, just be friends, like Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron appear to be. Or it could be a sign that Peter is hoping to rewrite his wrongs from his season as quickly as possible. It’s not a good time to travel, but apparently Peter’s continued attempt at finding love couldn’t wait.

Kelley would be best off not taking Peter back, or at least giving him some more time to figure out what he wants in a relationship. Peter recently spoke of wanting to move out, and maybe his trip to Chicago was motivated by Peter’s desire to get out of his parents’ house for a bit. Before the finale, there were spoilers that Peter and Kelley end up together. Kelley wasn’t invited to the women tell all, and then she was strangely introduced at the start of the finale. Perhaps The Bachelor knew all along they’d end up together and this is all still part of the unprecedented finale.

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Source: TMZ

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