Arrowverse Producer Shocked Crisis Crossover Happened On The CW

Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim expresses his surprise Crisis on Infinite Earths happened on The CW. The massive crossover was far from the first for the network’s DC shows. However, it was the first of its scale, uniting the heroes for a four-part event. Remarkably, though, the crossover’s length was nothing compared to its number of characters and cameos. It brought the entire DC world into the fold, even confirming the existence of the DC Extended Universe with an appearance by movie Flash Ezra Miller.

What’s more, Crisis on Infinite Earths had huge consequences for the Arrowverse, resulting in the death of original hero Oliver Queen. It also brought all of The CW’s DC shows onto one Earth, Earth-Prime, including Supergirl and Black Lightning. This will likely pave the way for easier crossovers in the future. Though the Arrowverse heroes believe their Earth to be the sole surviving one, DC’s other TV shows and movies, including TitansStargirl, and Lucifer, exist on others. All told, Crisis on Infinite Earths was an unprecedented event, with Guggenheim recently sharing he never thought it would have been possible.

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While appearing on Literary Joe’s Inner Child Podcast, the producer was asked about the crossover’s biggest moment for him, to which he responded:

For me, seeing just the idea of this seminal comic book being adapted for live action, that in and of itself is a geek out moment for me of monumental proportions. To the point where even if we didn’t have all these cameos and Easter eggs and other characters, I still would have been geeking out because I never, you know, when I was sixteen and Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 came out, it never occurred to me that it could ever be put to film, and the idea that it was, albeit on a broadcast schedule and a broadcast budget…that’s the biggest moment for me.

Guggenheim’s comments convey just how ambitious an undertaking Crisis on Infinite Earths was especially, as he notes, for a broadcast network. Though a film or streaming service adaptation of the classic comic story may not have been as limited financially, the Arrowverse put together an impressive event nonetheless. In fact, these constraints almost make it more astonishing, especially from a special effects perspective. With the broadcast schedule, the crossover could have easily felt overstuffed. Instead, nearly every hero got a moment to shine, even those with brief cameos.

It also says something about The CW’s commitment to Crisis on Infinite Earths that they were able to persuade so many big DC names to come join the fun. It’s also clear those involved worked hard to make the crossover the best it could be, an effort that shined through. For example, in the past, Guggenheim detailed the circumstances of Miller’s brief Flash appearance, revealing it was a last minute addition they made work because they knew what it would add to the Arrowverse. All told, it’s no wonder Guggenheim’s thrilled it all came together.

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Source: Literary Joe’s Inner Child Podcast

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