Amy Wood: Daughter Gracie Wood in Racist Video Scandal

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Amy Wood and her daughter Gracie Wood

Amy Wood is a news anchor for WSPA-TV in Greenville, South Carolina, whose daughter Gracie Wood is embroiled in controversy after video surfaced showing racist and homophobic remarks.

According to Go Up State, the two videos featuring Wood’s daughter were first posted by the Instagram account @saucecarolina.

You can watch the video later in this article, but be aware that the language and sentiments expressed in it are extremely disturbing.

In a statement posted to her Facebook page, Amy Wood apologized on behalf of Gracie, who has not commented. Gracie Wood is 17 years old.

Here’s what you need to know:

Amy Wood Called the Things Her Daughter Said ‘Horrific, Disgusting & Vile’

Wood labeled her daughter’s video comments disgusting and vile in a statement she posted to Facebook on January 13, 2022.

Here is Amy Wood’s comment in full:

I want to apologize on behalf of my daughter and our family for the horrific, disgusting, and vile things my daughter said on the videos so many of you have seen.

We know the words spoken have caused terrible pain and we are heartbroken over this, since we have never tolerated racism or hate in any fashion. We stand completely opposed to any behavior that diminishes anyone. I’ve been a people person my whole life and I’ve raised my children to love everyone. There are no excuses for anything on that tape.

Gracie has been a champion for rights and equality at her school.

This party at someone else’s home provided the perfect opportunity for so-called friends to bait a very intoxicated 17-year-old to say things that are in direct conflict with the way she has led her life.

This is not Gracie‘s heart and this is not our heart.

We will be working to learn from this and grow even stronger in our beliefs of equality and inclusion. To anyone who has been hurt, we offer our sincerest apology and ask for your forgiveness.

In the Video, Gracie Wood Praises Hitler as a ‘Pretty Quality Man’ & Uses a Racial Slur

The video shows extremely graphic comments and language.

“Mexicans and Middle Easterns out. All they do is want to kill people,” Gracie said.

“What about Africans?” someone asked.

“Africans? Kill them. They should blow up the whole continent of Africa,” she said.

“How do you feel about Germans?” someone asked.

“Y’all Nazis. But since you all hate gay people and Black people, I support. Hail, hail Hitler.”

She made a Nazi-like salute.

“Honestly Hitler was a pretty quality man. and he went out the right way by killing himself,” she said. “I feel like I’d rather kill myself than be killed by a firing squad.”

She then used the N word.

The video was also shared on TikTok.

In a second video, she was asked to say her favorite racial slurs. “Monkey. All Black people look like monkeys. You can’t convince me different. They literally look like they should grow ears and have a tail,” she said in the extremely disturbing and racist commentary.

According to GoUpState, Gracie Wood was a popular Instagram influencer who is a singer/songwriter, but she has deleted her social media accounts.

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