Aidan Hutchinson Praised for Fast Start to Lions Career

Aidan Hutchinson


Aidan Hutchinson celebrates being picked by Lions in 2022 NFL draft.

The Detroit Lions drafted Aidan Hutchinson with the hope he could make a big impact, and no time was wasted as it relates to getting that done.

Hutchinson immediately slipped into the backfield on just his second play as a member of the Lions, blowing up an Falcons run. After that play, the internet was downright fired up to see what the youngster was doing.

“Aidan Hutchinson made this play against 9-year vet and Pro Bowl OT Jake Matthews btw,” PFF tweeted.

Analyst Warren Sharp liked what he saw from Hutchinson on the play. As he admitted, it was a smooth move to see Hutchinson knife through and get into the backfield for Detroit’s defense.

“WHOOO Aidan Hutchinson this is smooth,” Sharp tweeted.

A few plays later, Hutchinson was double teamed and then held. Ben Szilagy made a good point to explain that shows a lot of respect for the young pass rusher in between the lines.

“The Falcons have double teamed Aidan Hutchinson in two consecutive plays, and held him on the second play. That’s respect,” Szilagy tweeted.

As Twitter user Carson Brandon put it, Hutchinson looked like a monster in waiting with the play on the field.

“Aidan Hutchinson is lookin like a mf monster,” Brandon tweeted.

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