Aidan Hutchinson Has Strong Reaction to Fine Lions Debut

Aidan Hutchinson


Aidan Hutchinson celebrates a play against Atlanta in 2022.

While the Detroit Lions lost a meaningless preseason game that doesn’t count in the standings, it was hard for fans to feel too bad given all the other positives.

One of the biggest was the play of Aidan Hutchinson, who had a strong debut for the team. Hutchinson made arguably the most stirring play of the night early on when he busted through the line and managed to net a tackle-for loss behind the line of scrimmage.

Speaking to the media after the game, Hutchinson said that he appreciated the play, and also revealed an insight into how he is playing.

“It’s good to have for sure. Always, you want a lot of tackles for-loss. It was really cool. The fan reaction was great. Just having a lot of fun out there,” Hutchinson admitted to the media.

Typically, players that are having fun on the field aren’t overthinking things and are simply playing good football. That seemed like Hutchinson after watching his ability to read and react.

Already, Hutchinson is looking like a new force in the league. It will be fun to watch and see how high his star can grow with a rabid fanbase that is embracing him.

Hutchinson Excited With Support From Lions Fans

Perhaps the most exciting thing for Hutchinson was how the Lions fans managed to get into the game, especially after he made his big play.

As Hutchinson said after the game, he thought the fans were solid for it being the first preseason game. He also wants to make sure fans know they can keep the no