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Kye Kelley is an American car race driver and a Television personality. He is known for discovery hit show “Street Outlaws.” He is a self-taught mechanic and performed modification on his cars over the years. He currently owns performance shop “Down South Performance”  in McComb, Mississippi.

He rose to fame in 2014 after Justin Big Chief Shearer reached out for the fastest street car racer at Da Pad racing location in New Orleans, to everyone’s knowledge Kye Kelley was the name. Since the acclaim, he raced and beat Dady Dave, Big Chief, Doc, and Bobby “Hollywood” Treadwell.  He also won against 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo by about three car margins in August 2015. However, later the win was voided by the fact Kye had left the start line before the actual departure time.

Birthdate and Age

He was born as Kyle Kelley II on May 18, 1985, in Magnolia, Mississippi, America to his father Kyle Kelley I and mother Tammy Kelley. As of current date, he is 33 years of age.

Early Life and Education

He grew up in the country setting of Magnolia, Mississippi alongside his younger sister Lacey Howell. Growing up Kye and his sister did not get the luxury to choose what they wanted because of financial circumstances. But they would eventually get the things of the necessity. Kye’s father worked in the factory while his mother would do hair cut job.

Kye’s father ran away from parenting responsibility as he spent his time mostly away from family hooked on to alcohol and drugs. His mother was left to care and arrange the necessity for both of kids.

Kelley was a typical mama’s boy who would perform what she asked for. Like most country boy he grew with freedom spending time in farms, and woods where he would go for hunting and fishing, mostly he knew hardship. To this day Kelley takes pleasure involving in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

Kye Kelley and his sister Lacy in their childhood with their mother Tammy

Kye Kelley and his sister Lacy childhood picture with their mother Tammy

He began school in his hometown and continue until he completed high school. When not in school, he was earning money by taking a few jobs. At the age of 13, he began milking cows in Progress, Mississippi alongside he worked bagging groceries. He wanted to become a race car driver and to pursue he needed a car first. From the saving from both jobs, he bought his first car at the age of 15.

Kelley attended South Pike Senior high school in Magnolia, Mississippi.  In school, Kye was performing well. Meanwhile, he maintained the passion for car race which also became his obsession. Not far from his home every Sundays about 50 to 60 people would gather in the yard boiling peanuts, racing, and hanging out, and Kelley would take out his four-wheeler and participate in the racing.

In 2003, he graduated from Pike Senior High. He was granted partial scholarship to junior college but could not afford to pay remaining fees. Hence, he decided to work instead and went for a job in an Oil refinery.

Career and Progression

He is a kind of person who wants to improve no matter what line of work he joins. Before the huge fame as American street car racer and featuring in Discovery channel show “Street Outlaws,” he did fulltime job in oil refinery company. He started in the role of “Fire Watcher” after high school which would yield him $10-an-hour. After a little over ten years, he had worked his way up to superintendent with 250 people under him, and running the whole job. He was youngest bosses in the companies history. He left the superintendent post in  2015 after over 12 years. Then he went onto establish his own business; he opened performance shop “Down South Performance” with his a partner Greg Champagne in McComb, Mississippi.

Kye Kelley and Street racing

Kelley got in street racing even before he had a license or a car. He first raced in dirt bikes then he got the real taste of car race at the age of 14 on his friend owned 1965 Chevy II Nova. At the age of 15, He bought his own after saving money from cow milking and bagging groceries.

Street Outlaws Kye Kelley

Street Outlaws Kye Kelley

He kept the passion for the sport alive and maintained even when he was preoccupied with the job at an oil refinery. When at home after work he would get down to race with guys whether for a simply fun challenge or money at stakes. If it was the huge sum of money in the payout, the crew mostly would travel all the way to Jackson, Mississippi or New Orleans, at Da Pad for drag racing.

Kye emerged victorious beating every big name he came across in the street race of “Da’ Pad,” location in New Orleans and though not a formal record he had earned the title of the fastest person around. He got the opportunity to shine in the bigger stage after Justin “Big Chief” Shearer reached to find out fastest racer at Da Pad and the name that emerged was his, Kye Kelley.

Following the acclaim, in mid-2014  he was set up to race against OKC’s Daddy Dave who was his favorite racer from the Street Outlaws. He lost the match by a close margin.

Caption: Relatively unknown Kye Kelley taking Daddy Dave in their first matchup in mid-2014

Out of nowhere boy coming close to beating one of the fastest street racers in the show set the stride for him. He met Dave again in early 2015 in a “16-car Cash Days race” held in Texas. This time he did one over him (won). Kelley also won against big deal drivers like Big Chief, Doc, and Bobby “Hollywood” Treadwell to culminate in a $16,000 cash payout.

The rematch of 16 car cash was held in Kelley’s prominent location Da Pad New Orleans, yet again he won against OKC guys earning $16,000 cash. Three or four months later Kelley raced Big Chief this time in Oklahoma and won again with $6,000 cash.

In August 2015, Kelley raced against 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Lexington, Oklahoma. He won the race by huge advantage but it did not stand after the video evidence showed Kelley had left the start line earlier. Kelley himself confessed and was left to rue the win because he may not get another chance to know what might have happened if his concentration did not let him down at the beginning.

kye Kelley car The Schoker

Kye Kelley’s car “The Schoker” is a pro modified 1992 Chevy Camaro 

Alongside emerging as the unexpected name in American street racer, he got the opportunity to work in reality TV show Street Outlaws which first aired on June 10, 2013.

Kye Kelley car The Shocker

His car “The Shocker” complements his ability to drive on the track”. It is 1992 Chevy Camaro he bought around 2012. He heavily modified the car from the basic looks to adding the engine and empowering with more strength. While he had not all the money to do the modification at once, so he did little by little. He put on extra work at the oil refinery to make up for the car expense. He replaced the old motor of the car by super powerful 638ci BBC motor and boasted the engine by two nitrous Kits. He took help of Performance Machine Shop in Jackson, Mississippi to build the motor as they put together fifteen-year-old Crower rods, a set of Wiseco pistons, and a pair of Gary Williams carburetors to give it a life. The nitrous kits in the car use three-stage technology to boost the engine.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

Currently, there are no factual data about his net worth. Some online sources claim his net worth to be $500,000 in reality it is a wild hunch and spreading false information does not comply with our policy.

Personal Life

So far Kye has been through few failed relationship. He had a daughter Haleigh with a lady named Sarah. We currently do not have any information on Kye’s relationship with Sarah. All we know is together they gave birth to their only child a daughter Haleigh on August 9, 2010.

After Sarah, Alisa Mote was women in his life and married her. Less than two years in the relationship the marriage ended. He is now dating Lizy Mussi as a girlfriend who is also a drag racer.

Kye Kelley love affair and marriage with Alisa Kelley

He was married to Alisa Mote who is a nurse by profession. He met her the same day as he bought his car “The Schoker.” After being in the relationship for some time, the couple took the next step by getting engaged. Their engagement was on May 21, 2014, and next year in August of 2015 married each other.

Alisa gave birth to their daughter Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley On March 25, 2016; she was born healthy weighing 7lb at the time of delivery. Although the two seemed happily married couple, their relationship was short-lived. Kye and Alisa divorced in 2017. Both now sees another person in their life. After the divorce, he has kept in touch with her as a friendly ex and involve himself in raising their only daughter Kenadeigh.

Kye Kelley Girlfriend

Kye is publicly known to have started dating Lizzy Musi in 2017.  Lizy is a motorsports racing fanatics like him. She is second generation drag car racer, her father Pat Mussi is a champion driver and iconic engine builder.

Kye Kelley Wiki Facts

Name: Kyle Kelley II
Birth Date: May 18, 1985
Birth Place: Magnolia, Mississippi, America
Age: 33
Nationality: American
Ethnicity White
Parents Kyle Kelley I, Tammy Kelley
Sibling Lacey Howell
Profession: Race Car Driver, TV cast of Street Outlaws
Net Worth N/A

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