90 Day Fiancé: How Lisa Is Ruining Usman's Sojaboy Rapping Career

Lisa is ruining Usman’s Sojaboy rapping career on 90 Day Fiancé. Lisa constantly slingshots insults to everyone who she believes is standing in her way of domination over Usman’s career.

Lisa first met Usman, known as his stage name SojaBoy, when the rapper slid into her private messages on Facebook. The mother of one who was divorced did not take the Nigerian’s advances seriously at first as the two would only talk via Facebook messenger. Their relationship moved on to texting and eventually FaceTime. The two soon became engaged after two years of speaking even though major red flags have been waved, including an age difference. Fans have made them the standout couple and watched as Lisa landed in Nigeria and finally met her fiancé face to face.

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On the all-new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, fans watched as Lisa showed no respect for Usman’s Nigerian music career. The 52-year-old was being introduced to one of Usman’s connections in the industry and could hardly keep her big mouth shut while her fiancé was introducing her. It was evident to viewers that Usman’s friend was not a fan of his love choice just by her body language. The scene that stood out the most for viewers was the three discussing their opinions over SojaBoy’s song dedicated to Lisa called “I Love You” and why they decided to cast a Nigerian model in the video. Lisa was perturbed that she was not pictured in the video and ordered Usman to cut the model out. All of his music executives and producers had urged him not to since the video needed to make a connection to his listeners, but he ignored them and caved to Lisa’s demands.

Lisa has not hidden the fact that she is jealous of the women that surround her fiancé and tries everything in her power to get rid of them. But what she does not understand is that these “females,” as she calls them, are fans who are buying Usman’s CDs. The Pennsylvania native argued that the model took away from the “concept of the song,” arguing that the concept was the fact that she was thousands of miles away. Usman’s friend pushed back, asking, “Are you trying to say like, in America, they shoot music videos, love songs without a model in it?” to which Lisa naively replied, “Yes.”

Fans rejoiced when the music producer flat out asked if Lisa was trying to ruin Usman’s music career. Many TLC viewers felt she had no respect for his career or knowledge of his industry, hinting that she wanted to have full control over Usman. Fans of the franchise have already learned the hard way the Lisa has no respect or class, as she has consistently been attacking her social media followers with vulgar insults. There will be no love lost when Usman wises up and dumps the controlling woman. No one will want to work with the rapper if his fiancée keeps acting difficult.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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