13 Best Round Brushes for Perfect Blowouts (2022)

When I got this round brush in the mail from the folks at HOTHEADS, my first thought was “well there’s a bunch of tangles in the making.” Simply put, I was wrong. This brush turned my mid-fanny-length mane into a shimmery, mostly smooth blowout with perfectly curled up ends. What makes it different from others I’ve tried? Let’s jump into it.

The three-dimensional bristles are a cool combination of boar and nylon, so you get the benefits of both. And because of their configuration – the taller nylon bristles catch your hair, while the boar bristles add shine, and help control those frizzies.

Another cool feature is the captive ends, which simply means that where the bristles stop, there are wide ends top and bottom, to keep your hair from getting tangled in the brush handle or coming off the brush top, a consistent issue on the rare days I’m willing to try and blow my wavy hair straight. They also help to contain the hot air from your blowdryer, acting almost like a concentrator. That means your hair gets dry faster with less heat damage.

The other cool thing is the brush is made with thermal conductive technology, so the brush core actually heats up for faster drying, but don’t worry – it cools down just as fast. And the non-slip grippy handle feels padded and comfy, plus this brush is super lightweight. If you’re a professional stylist using this tool repeatedly throughout the day, your mitts are going to thank you for it.

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