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When the Flash was introduced into the DC Extended Universe via Batman v Superman three years ago, we were promised a solo movie for the Scarlet Speedster. Of course, we still haven’t seen that solo movie and Warner Bros. hasn’t gotten it any closer to production. Still, Ezra Miller wrote his own script earlier this year to cling to the role and show his commitment to the studio, and he announced recently that the Flash movie was “absolutely confirmed” for the DCEU. So, while we’re taking that news with a pinch of salt, here are 10 Things We Hope To See In The DCEU’s Flash Movie.

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10 The Rogues

There aren’t enough superhero movies getting made where one hero takes on a team full of villains. If we can’t get a movie where Spider-Man takes on the Sinister Six, or Batman gets locked in Arkham Asylum with half his rogues gallery, or that unproduced Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max movie, then we should get a Flash movie where he battles the Rogues. Exactly who the team behind the DCEU decide to put in their onscreen version of the Rogues – Captain Cold, Professor Zoom, Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke, a few characters from the Suicide Squad movies – is up to them.

9 Iris West

There was a whole subplot in Justice League involving Barry Allen’s romantic relationship with Iris West that was removed when Warner Bros. took over the edit. Iris was played by Kiersey Clemons from Dope and Netflix’s Easy in these scenes, but they were cut from the film entirely. It’s likely that Clemons would be too miffed with the studio to want to return to the franchise when the Flash gets his own movie, but she’s a talented, likable actor and probably made for a terrific Iris, so hopefully she’d be willing to return. Some of those deleted scenes might even be able to be reused.

8 The mystery of who killed Barry’s mom

Justice League set up the DCEU’s Barry Allen with his job in the forensics department of the local police station. This could lead into a storyline where he investigates his mother’s murder when he gets his own solo movie. Much in the same way that the MCU changed who Peter Quill’s father was to better serve the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the answer to who killed Barry’s mom doesn’t need to be entirely faithful to the comics. Some fans have suggested Reverse Flash as the culprit, but it could be anyone, as long as it’s satisfying within the movie’s narrative.

7 Less jokey vibe

What a lot of fans responded to negatively about the Flash’s portrayal in Justice League was the fact that Barry Allen was used as the comic relief. He was characterized more like Wally West than Barry Allen, and Barry’s more complex than that. It’s a shame, because Ezra Miller clearly understands the character and would play him well if he was written right.

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In Justice League, it seemed like Warner Bros. wanted to turn Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen into a second-rate knockoff of Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s surrogate father-son relationship in the MCU. In his solo movie, Barry needs less of a jokey vibe; not totally unfunny, just more three-dimensional.

6 Reverse Flash

The Flash movie should feature Reverse Flash, who might be the Flash’s greatest foe from the comics. Like Loki or Magneto, Reverse Flash is not a one-off villain; he should be set up for a multi-part arc in the franchise. He might only have a fleeting cameo appearance (no pun intended) in the first one, or appear in a post-credits scene to tease a future introduction. However the filmmakers decide to do it, Reverse Flash should appear in the Flash movie. As the dark mirrored version of Barry Allen, Reverse Flash is his quintessential villain, and needs to be in his film.

5 Developing Barry’s relationship with his father

Barry’s relationship with his father was explored a little bit in Justice League when Barry went to visit him in prison a couple of times. There was a feeling that there was a lot more shot for this subplot that got cut when Zack Snyder left the project and Warner Bros. took over, so there is probably footage that has already been shot and edited that could be slotted into the Flash’s movie that builds on the relationship between Barry and his dad. Ezra Miller and Billy Crudup proved to have interesting on-screen chemistry in their brief scenes together, so there’s more to explore here.

4 Cyborg

It’s looking like Ray Fisher’s Cyborg won’t be getting his own solo movie in the DC Extended Universe, unfortunately, so a nice consolation prize would be a supporting role in the Flash movie. His role should be somewhere between a sidekick and a cameo appearance; not too major that it’s a team-up and he draws focus from the Flash himself, but not too small that it feels forced and Fisher and his character are underutilized yet again. Perhaps the villain could steal some weapons from S.T.A.R. Labs, which would involve Cyborg and give him a reason to join the Flash.

3 Background references to a wider universe

Since the Flash is one of the primary members of the Justice League and he’s been introduced more heavily around other DC characters like Batman and Superman, he can’t just have an entirely detached solo movie like Aquaman.

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Similarly, Warner Bros. shouldn’t try to force a bunch of connections to the wider DCEU that will distract from the main storyline (this was a major criticism of Batman v Superman, and there wasn’t even anything to connect to back then). The Flash movie should just have little Easter eggs that hint at a wider universe, like the Wayne Enterprises logo or a newspaper headline about Shazam.

2 Time travel

In the comics, the Flash is able to run so fast that he runs through the spacetime continuum and reverses the flow of time, allowing him to travel into the past. In his first solo movie, he should discover this power in the 11th hour, allowing him to win the final battle. Similar to when Superman reversed the rotation of the Earth in Superman: The Movie in order to save Lois Lane and thwart Lex Luthor (except this time, it’ll actually have some narrative context and not arrive completely out of the blue), Barry should be so emotionally affected by a screw-up that causes him to fail that he’ll run back in time to fix it, thus discovering that ability to hone for future use.

1 A zany, comedic tone

The Flash movie shouldn’t have the dark, gritty, grounded, gloomy tone that Zack Snyder set for the character with Batman v Superman and Justice League. That tone might have suited Batman and it did okay for Wonder Woman, but it doesn’t suit any of the other DC heroes. James Wan’s Aquaman was bright and fun and colorful, as that character’s stories should be. The Flash movie should also be allowed to go its own way tonally, and have a wacky, comedic style. It should still take itself seriously (a big complaint about the Flash in Justice League was that he was just goofy comic relief), but it should take cues from Shazam! and not Man of Steel.

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