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Gilmore Girls is a show that aired from 2000 through 2007 before returning for a four-episode special that was released on Netflix in 2016. The series follows Rory and her mom, Lorelai, and their lives in the small, New England town of Stars Hollow. It follows Rory as a high school and then college student and Lorelai as she owns an inn in the area. It showcases their romantic lives and the platonic relationships they have with other people in Stars Hollow.

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Although the show focused on Rory and Lorelai, there are a lot of other characters in the series that fans definitely fell in love with. A lot of characters that were close to Rory and Lorelai had a big part in the series and were heavily involved in their lives throughout the course of the show. Even though fans may have loved a lot of the side characters in the series, there were a ton of them in the seven years that the show aired, so it’s likely that some fans have totally forgotten about at least a few of the guest stars that the series featured.

To see 10 stars you definitely forgot appeared on Gilmore Girls, keep reading!

10 Rami Malek

These days, Rami Malek is known for TV shows like Mr. Robot and films like Bohemian Rhapsody. But, before he was the huge star that he is now, he had some smaller roles in different movies and TV shows. These days, Malek doesn’t talk much about the start of his career, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to see him pop up in different shows.

One show that he appeared in during the early days of his career is Gilmore Girls. On the show, he played one of the members of the bible study group that Lane was a part of in the college she attended for a short time. Reportedly, Malek had to pay a lot of money to be eligible for that role and it’s a good thing he coughed up the cash to get his career going!

9 Victoria Justice

Before Victoria Justice rose to fame playing the lead role in Nickelodeon’s comedic teen series Victorious, she was a child actress appearing on Gilmore Girls.

In the episode that this actress appeared in, Lorelai and Sookie were having a Lord of the Rings-themed party. In natural Sookie fashion, she was cooking all kinds of different Hobbit food for the party and Jill, the character that Victoria Justice played, was not a fan. At one point, she even compared the taste of Sookie’s food to diapers which obviously did not go over well with the outspoken chef.

8 Jane Lynch

If the first show you think of when you hear Jane Lynch’s name is Glee, you’re not alone. That’s definitely the show that this actress is best known for and it’s hard to deny that she did an excellent job portraying the brash cheerleading coach on that musical series.

But before she was working at a high school, she was playing a nurse on Gilmore Girls. The episode was one that came pretty early in the series and involved Lorelai’s father, Richard Gilmore, being hospitalized. While visiting him at the hospital, his wife Emily had a not-so-nice interaction with the nurse that Jane Lynch portrayed.

7 Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick has been in quite a few dramatic TV shows over the years, including the early ’90s classic Twin Peaks and the more recent teen drama Riverdale. But, in between those two shows, she had a role on Gilmore Girls that many fans have likely not forgotten, even if they forgot that Amick is the actress that portrayed her.

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On Gilmore Girls, Amick played the role of Sherry Tinsdale. Sherry was Gigi’s mom and was engaged to Christopher. She butted heads in a big way with Lorelai because of the fact that her character came across as very uptight and determined to plan and control everything.

6 Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel has been working in Hollywood for quite some time, but most people likely recognize her as playing the role of Lexi on The Vampire Diaries. While she was well-liked as Stefan’s best and oldest vampire friend on that show, she played a role that fans didn’t quite take to as well on Gilmore Girls.

On Gilmore Girls, she played the role of Lindsay, Dean’s wife. The two of them got married after growing up together in the middle of the series, after Dean and Rory chose to end their relationship. Unfortunately, many fans loved Dean and Rory together, so seeing him move on was just not cool. Sadly for Lindsay, their relationship didn’t last as Dean and Rory’s chemistry got the best of them and Dean cheated on her.

5 Nick Offerman

Many people know and love Nick Offerman for his role on Parks and Recreation, but it’s likely that even the most dedicated Gilmore Girls fans have totally forgotten that the actor had a recurring role on this series before he moved onto that sitcom.

In Gilmore Girls, Offerman played the role of Beau Belleville. Beau was the older brother to Jackson, Sookie’s husband, and he stayed in Stars Hollow to help Sookie and Jackson prepare for their baby’s arrival as well as staying when he was being baptized.

4 Krysten Ritter

Fans of TV dramas and superhero shows may know Krysten Ritter from shows like Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones, but she was yet another star that had a role on Gilmore Girls prior to either of those big roles.

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Krysten Ritter played the role of Lucy in the later episodes of the series. She was one of the many friends that Rory made while she was attending Yale toward the end of the show’s run. Lucy was dating Rory’s friend Marty who she met when she first started attending Yale and their friendship made Lucy and Marty’s relationship complicated and definitely added some drama to Rory’s time away at college.

3 Chad Michael Murray

During the early and mid-2000s, Chad Michael Murray was the king of teen dramas. He appeared on shows like One Tree Hill and played the heartthrob love interest in Another Cinderella Story alongside Hilary Duff.

With so many other teen TV shows and movies under his belt, it should come as no surprise that Chad Michael Murray also appeared on Gilmore Girls. On the show, he played the role of Tristan Dugray, one of Rory and Paris’ schoolmates at Chilton. Paris had a massive crush on him in the series, but unfortunately, he fell for Rory, who just wasn’t interested in him.

2 Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane is known for creating shows like Family Guy and The Orville. With so many hilarious shows being credited to this comedian, it can be tough to remember what he was doing in the earlier days of his career.

During two episodes of the second season of Gilmore Girls, fans that look closely will spot this funny actor. The episodes aired during the gap from 2002 through 2005 when Family Guy had been temporarily cancelled, giving MacFarlane some extra time to stretch his live-action acting skills. In the episodes, he played Zack, one of the fellow students that Lorelai was graduating with.

1 Adam Brody

During the mid-2000s, Adam Brody was best-known for playing the role of Seth Cohen on the dramatic teen TV series The O.C., meaning that it can be easy to forget that he also had other roles during this time. Many people even forget that he had a recurring role on Gilmore Girls and was the love interest of one of the central characters.

In the third season of Gilmore Girls, Brody played the role of Dave Rygalski, a musician who is in a band of his own, something that immediately charms music-loving Lane. Despite Lane’s strict mother’s disapproval, the two of them date for a while and are totally adorable.

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