10 Burning Questions We Have Now That Crisis On Infinite Earths Is Over

The epic DC superhero crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of the most fascinating television events of the last year. Its storyline had fan-favorite heroes fighting against almost certain doom and the stakes were raised so high it was unclear whether the good guys would win in the end or not.

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Now the viewers know the heroes ultimately prevailed, but it wasn’t without sacrifices. Even though the crossover is over, a lot of questions remain that need to be answered. Let’s take a look at the top 10 burning questions left following the end of the Arrowverse event.

10 Will John Diggle Become A Green Lantern?

John Diggle has been an important part of the Arrowverse since the show Arrow first premiered. He started out as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard and eventually became Oliver’s best friend and even a part of his merry team of vigilantes, where he worked under the name Spartan.

However, one thing that John never did was gain superpowers. He’s one of the many nonpowered heroes in the Arrowverse who can still hold his own in a fight. The show has hinted at the possibility that John might become a Green Lantern but it didn’t happen in the crossover. Maybe in the future?

9 Will There Be More Of The Super Family?

Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman first appeared in his cousin’s spin-off show Supergirl. The viewers also got to know Superman’s girlfriend, the intrepid reporter Lois Lane, the one true love of Superman’s life. These two are an adorable couple and many fans hoped to see more of them in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

They got their wish and even more since the crossover threw Superman’s and Lois’ baby son Jonathan into the mix, which resulted in some of the funniest and touching scenes of the crossover. It wouldn’t be bad at all to see more of the superfamily, either in Supergirl or their own future show.

8 Will Barry & Iris Have A Child?

For those who watch The Flash, they should have already seen Barry and Iris’ daughter, Nora, when she traveled back to the past to meet her dad whom she never got to know. This timeline has changed in the end, but it’s possible the viewers might get to meet another version of Nora now that the Crisis is over.

Barry had been preparing to die in the Crisis, however, as he didn’t, he now has the chance to focus more on his relationship with Iris. They could even have a child together, something both of them have wanted for quite some time.

7 Will There Be A New Spectre?

The Spectre is a powerful being in the comic books but he doesn’t appear in the main Arrowverse series until Crisis on Infinite Earths. When Mia Queen, John Diggle, and John Constantine travel into the Purgatory to resurrect Oliver Queen’s soul, Oliver is about to leave with them but a man called Jim Corrigan approaches him and persuades him to become the Spectre instead.

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Oliver agrees and then appears as the Spectre during the Crisis and helps the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor. He dies, however, so the Spectre is currently gone. It would, therefore, be appropriate if someone new took on the name and the powers associated with it.

6 Will There Be A Justice League?

Seeing the Justice League in the Arrowverse would be very exciting and would open a lot of brand new opportunities. The crossover’s fifth and final episode hinted at this possibility when the heroes set up a new shared base, including one pretty impressive round table.

The Arrowverse’s version of the famous team would include heroes such as The Flash, Superman, Supergirl, White Canary, Black Lightning, and others. If that wasn’t enough, Mia Queen could always join them as the new Green Arrow and take on her fallen father’s mantel.

5 Will New Heroes Make A Debut?

Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths premiered, many fans were hoping that Wonder Woman could make her first appearance and join the likes of Superman and Batwoman. That, unfortunately, didn’t happen, maybe because the crossover simply didn’t have enough time to properly introduce new heroes.

Now that the Crisis is over, the possibilities are almost endless. All of the Earths have merged into one, which means that Themyscira is somewhere out there and so is Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. She’s not the only hero who could appear, though, DC has plenty of characters the Arrowverse’s creators could work with.

4 Will Old Heroes & Villains Come Back?

As mentioned above, now that the crossover is finished, there are a lot of possibilities and what-ifs for the writers to play with. For example, they could bring back some of the dead characters whom the viewers didn’t expect to see again.

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Some of the dead heroes have already returned in the final episode of Arrow, but there’s a lot more of both heroes and villains who could yet make their triumphant return. One of them is the fan-favorite Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, who first tormented Barry Allen in The Flash before becoming a member of the Legends of Tomorrow.

3 Will Sara Change Her Life?

Of all the heroes the Crisis on Infinite Earths affected, probably no-one else was as upset as Sara Lance. Sara deeply mourned the death of her former boyfriend and best friend Oliver Queen. And she lashed out when she returned to the Waverider and found out that she had no-one to talk to about Oliver’s death and everything she experienced in the Crisis.

While Legends of Tomorrow primarily focus on the characters’ efforts to fix problems in time and fight villains, the show might still show Sara making some serious changes to her life now that she has been reminded that no-one lives forever.

2 Will Superman Return?

Just when it was beginning to seem like Brandon Routh would never reprise his role as Superman (he played Superman in the 2006 film Superman Returns), it was announced that Routh would play the part again in Crisis on Infinite Earths….alongside his other already established role as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom.

While Routh’s Superman dies momentarily during the event, by the end, he is once again resurrected and flying over the Earth with a smile on his face. Maybe this means he might come back to the Arrowverse from time to time? Especially since Routh will stop playing Ray Palmer soon. After all, two Supermen are better than one.

1 Will The Heroes Work Together More Often?

By far the most burning question left after Crisis On Infinite Earths finished was whether the heroes would be working together more often from now on.

In the past, it’s been difficult for them to do so since many of them lived on alternate Earths. If they wanted to visit another hero, they usually had to open a breach to his or her Earth or use another form of travel. Now that everyone lives on the same Earth, that means Barry can visit Kara anytime he wants, while Supergirl could always fly out to see how Batwoman is doing.

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